Friday, August 31, 2007

Report from Bob Schulz

August 31, 2007

Dramatic Development
U.S. Court of Appeals Rules WTP Does
Not Have To Disclose Identities of Supporters

As previously reported, on August 9, 2007, federal District Court Judge Thomas McAvoy issued a Decision and Order that granted IRS's motion for a Summary Judgment permanently enjoining Schulz and WTP from certain activities including "assisting in the preparation of a document related to a matter material to the internal revenue laws."

In addition, McAvoy ordered Schulz and WTP to turn over to the DOJ, by August 30, 2007, a list identifying all persons who have been provided "materials containing false information."

On Wednesday, August 29, 2007, Bob Schulz traveled to Albany, NY where he filed a Notice of Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals from the Decision and Order issued on August 9th by federal District Court Judge Thomas McAvoy. Click here for a copy of the Notice of Appeal. Bob and WTP expect to reverse McAvoy's Decision and Order.

On Thursday morning, August 30, 2007, Bob Schulz traveled to Manhattan where he filed an Emergency Motion with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to prevent District Court Judge Thomas McAvoy and the DOJ from enforcing the terms of Judge McAvoy's August 9th Order, at least until the Second Circuit has reached a determination of the merits of the appeal from that Order. Click here for a copy of Bob's Memorandum of Law in support of the motion to stay the enforcement of the District Court's Order pending appeal.

On Thursday, at 5 pm, the Emergency Judge on duty at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Peter W. Hall, issued an Order preventing the enforcement of that part of McAvoy's Order "requiring production of identification information for the United States." Judge Hall then referred the motion by Bob and WTP for a stay of the entire order to a panel of three judges who will hear the motion for the Court of Appeals on September 18, 2007.

Please go to the WTP home page at to access all the 6700 court pleadings and orders.

Although we are making slow but steady progress and are finally nearing the climactic judicial conclusion following several years of intense litigation that has been necessary to further our landmark constitutional issues and bring them before the nation's Highest Court, WTP is struggling financially. Please consider a one-time or recurring monthly donation. Please know that every little bit helps. It is not for want of will nor ideas that has slowed our battle -- only money. Please remember your donations are our only source of funding.

Please also note that although WTP has shut down virtually all of its website content, our supporters can still join our e-Mail list, donate, join the WTP Congress, and make Profile changes such as address, email, etc.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Judge Orders a Web Site Selling Tax-Evasion Advice to Close

Published: August 30, 2007

A Web site that sells materials stating that individuals can legally stop paying taxes has been shut on the order of a federal judge.

Judge Thomas J. McAvoy, a senior judge in the Northern District of New York who issued the order on Aug. 9, wrote that the First Amendment did not protect the two organizations that operate the Web site, or their founder, because the site incited criminal conduct. Judge McAvoy ruled that some people who went to the Web site stopped paying taxes, causing the government harm.

Judge McAvoy also ordered that the names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and Social Security numbers of every person who received materials on how to stop paying taxes be turned over to the government.

This information would make it easy for the Internal Revenue Service to identify people who followed the illegal advice and for the Justice Department to prosecute them for tax crimes.

The civil court order is one of at least 245 permanent injunctions obtained by federal prospectors that prohibit individuals and organizations that deny the legitimacy of the tax laws or who sell tax evasion schemes from marketing their wares.

Robert L. Schulz of Queensbury, N.Y., the founder of both organizations behind the Web site — the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education and the We The People Congress — posted the court order at the Web site, and closed the rest of the site even though he said yesterday that the order did not specify that he do so. He also said he had filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

His organization rose to prominence with a series of full-page newspaper ads, starting in 2001, asserting that the government tricks people into paying taxes. The ads solicited donations, which it said were fully tax-deductible.

Judge McAvoy, quoting from a declaration that Mr. Schulz sent to the court, said that Mr. Schulz wrote that he started “operation stop withholding” as “a national campaign to instruct company officials, workers and independent contractors on how to legally stop wage withholding.”

In a 25-page decision, the judge wrote that “undisputed evidence” established that Mr. Schulz and his organizations “knew, or had reason to know, that their statements were false.”

He said that because Mr. Schulz was taking $20 payments for a package of materials that supposedly showed how to legally stop paying taxes, the Web site could be shut down as commercial speech that urged criminal conduct.

Even if the Web site was not commercial in nature, Judge McAvoy said, it could be shut because people who followed the advice at the Web site engaged in criminal conduct.

“The First Amendment does not protect speech that incites imminent lawless action,” the judge wrote, citing a 1969 Supreme Court decision.

Because Mr. Schulz and his organization “are not merely advocating, but have gone the extra step in instructing others how to engage in illegal activity and have supplied the means to do so” the judge added, “their speech may be enjoined.”

Click here to read original article.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

American Slaves: IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT!!

American Slaves: IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT!!

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Persecution is what happens to Real Men living in a Sissified world ruled by Tyrants.

Real men scare people with their Boldness, their Directness, their Assurance.
They Understand they are Sovereign and have long since matriculated from the School of Hard Knocks, the life changing transition experienced by all who will no longer bow and scrape before their Satanic masters as obedient Slaves and are ready to take their rightful position as Masters of their own lives.

Such men and women are rare indeed. They stick out like a sore thumb, and by contrast, mirror the average degraded, Satanically conditioned civilized individual. The contrast is shocking for most and it angers many. You see people just don't like being viewed as slaves. That is why they wear so many masks just to get through the day, living out their scripted and predictable lives.

These hopeless, impotent, civilized individuals take offense at the drop of a hat. They can't help it. They sold their souls a long time ago for the comforts of security, the prized possession of all Satanic serving slaves.

How do you know whether one is a Sovereign or a Slave? Watch what they say. Then watch what they do. Do their actions match their words? Are they integral, at-one, resonating in Truth?

Look at yourselves. Look at every one you know. Your wife, husband, mother, father, children, friends, associates. Look at them with clear eyes, as for the first time. By their Actions, They shall be known. By your actions, Ye shall be known. Words are cheap. Opinions are cheap. Judgments from such disintegrated human beings are even cheaper.

How do you stand up? Does such unvarnished Truth upset you? Do you need the "spoonful of sugar" to help the medicine go down?

Truth is the most valuable gift, you shall ever receive. Do you regard it as a gift, when "if the shoe fits, wear it" resonates within your very being? In such case, who is doing the judgment? Surely if the shoe fits, is it not you who are the sole judge of such and inexplicable discovery?

There is a reason for my writing to you in this manner. It is not meant to insult anyone, but to shock your all out of your comfortable newest and latest hypnotic trance that you have not even been aware that you are under.

You are all playing the satanic game of "Positive Imaged Fellowship", but it is the Satanic fellowship of the damned.

How long has this Forum been up. It has seen tremendous growth since its beginnings, has it not? But what has materially changed in the lives of Ed and Elaine Brown since the beginning of this forum? They're still prisoners in their own home by a government which refuses to SHOW THEM THE LAW which convicted them.

Government is motivated by NUMBERS, not individuals. THEY OBEY NUMBERS, THEY KILL INDIVIDUALS.

Their Tyranny will stop only when the NUMBERS become so great as to openly expose their Satanic Game and remove them from their fortress, built upon NOTHING BUT EMPTY WORDS. What the hell is wrong with your people? Can you not see that simple fact?.

In my view, each of you see yourselves as "good people" but in that positive imaged "goodness" you have betrayed Ed and Elaine with your all talk and no walk. Your words are empty. Your actions are empty, your spirit is empty.

The Ed and Elaine Brown radio program on REPUBLIC BROADCASTING NETWORK (RBN) has betrayed Ed and Elaine by not paying attention to Ed and Elaine's Clearcut Solution. If you are a SOVEREIGN, then DAMMIT, act like a SOVEREIGN. Yet each of you have failed the test of SOVEREIGN as Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Nature men and women.

You, the listening audience, look for anything to distract you from the action that is necessary to stop the Death March to the New World Order. Ed has told you what to do. I have told you AD-INFINITUM what must be done.


Until Servant Government does what their MASTERS tell them to do, ACT LIKE THE SOVEREIGNS YOU ARE AND TURN YOUR BACKS ON GOVERNMENT. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT them. Refuse to cooperate in any and all phases of government, instead of allowing yourselves to be led around by that slavery ring in your noses, looking for any distraction to celebrate from your growing recognition of bondage.

Yes, I'm talking about deliberately programmed distractions of the Ed and Elaine program, using Ed and Elaine as a mind control focal point, while silly organizers look for anything and everything to celebrate, rather than act. The fact is that most of you are oblivious to what I am now referring. So let me make it clear.

Government will throw people in jail, but THEY WILL NOT SHOW THE LAW, NOR WILL THEY ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS regarding JURISDICTION over Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural men and women they have thrown in jail. As long as you are not the one being tossed into jail, what the HELL DO YOU CARE, EH?

You have been conditioned long ago to embrace the hypnotic suggestion, YOU CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL." You have accepted its insinuation into your undiscriminating consciousness and so you make a great show of things, but nothing really happens.

You're too busy Celebrating images and icons which have enslaved you, locked you into your political and social "busy work." Currently you're celebrating Ron Paul, a professional politician. And now, most recently you are even drawn into the CELEBRATION of Aaron Russo's Death. Men live. Men die. Must a man die, before you will act? What does that say about you?

You watch with great interest the busy work of Bob Schultz and "We the People Foundation" who play the "slave game" very well. They wouldn't know a Sovereign if one walked up and bit them in the behind. The Government plays the tune, and they dance to it. Endless, endless, meaningless legal actions which go nowhere because our government no longer follow God's Law, Common Law, or Constitutional Law. Hell, THE COURTS MAKE IT UP AS THEY GO ALONG. As for We the People, they are all show and no Go. They capitulate and play by the rules of their opponents. Who does not know by now that "those who make the rules win the game."

Have you noticed, Ed and Elaine don't play by the Rules of their Servant Government. Have you noticed that I don't play by the rules of my servant government? Why? Because we understand what it means to be a SOVEREIGN. We understand the True relationship between ourselves and government and WE DON'T PLAY THEIR GAME, unless they can SHOW US THE LAW AND SHOW US PROOF OF JURISDICTION.

Our words are our actions, our action are our words. WE live Truth, while you experience starved arm-chair quarterbacks merely speculate about it.

Harsh words, or DOES THE SHOE FIT??? You be the judge!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Read the original message at this link

Editor's Note: Ray acts like the thorns on a rosebush or a burr in the saddle. I don't judge or condemn him, but welcome his contribution to this discussion. I only wish there was some way for this message to awaken the masses from their slumber. The shoe doesn't fit.....yet Ray, but our feet keep growing.


Overt Lawlessness: A Good Sign

By Larken Rose

Sometimes I wonder why the IRS still bothers to pretend that what

it does is administering the law. Off hand, I can't think of ANY
law or procedure which I HAVEN'T seen the IRS blatantly ignore.
Here are just a few of the things the IRS has done wrong, just in
the cases I'm personally familiar with (and this is just off the
top of my head):

Failure to give Examinations meeting (26 CFR 601.105)
Failure to give Appeals meeting (26 CFR 601.106)
Failure to give Collections Due Process hearing (26 USC 6330)
Refusal to allow recording of meetings (26 USC 7521) (Even the Tax
Court chastised them for that one.)
Demands for sums known to be grossly inaccurate (aside from the
question of what income is taxable) (26 USC 7214)
Repeated use of the outlawed "tax protestor" term (Section 3707,
RRA 1998) (Even TIGTA reports that this is still happening every
Failure to comply with Freedom Of Information Act (5 USC 552)
Making assessments not conforming to the law (26 USC 6203)
Executing levies without giving notice (26 USC 6331)
Outright refusal to process claims for refund (26 CFR 601.105)

The list goes on and on. Take, for example, a few of the things
done by the IRS bureaucrat currently on my case (Mr. Ted
Tsarouchis). For those who don't know, in order to avoid extra
YEARS of imprisonment, Tessa and I filed back returns prior to my
sentencing, falsely reporting our income as if it were taxable
(when we know it isn't). Having paid off most of the hefty alleged
liabilities (by mortgaging our house to the max), I then applied
for an "installment agreement" with the IRS to pay off the rest.

Agent Tsarouchis responded by demanding payment in full, failing to
inform me (as instructed in IRS procedures) that if I paid down the
balance to below $25,000, I would qualify for a "streamlined"
installment agreement. After I found that out myself and paid the
balance down below $25,000, Agent Tsarouchis then refused my offer
for a "streamlined" agreement, saying he thought I could pay the
whole thing. This was AFTER I quoted to him the IRM saying that for
"streamlined" agreements, it doesn't MATTER if the IRS thinks the
person can pay off the whole thing (IRM, Section

Then he again demanded payment in full, and failed to tell me about
GUARANTEED installment agreements. I found out myself that when a
liability, NOT including interest and penalties, is below $10,000,
the IRS is required by law to grant an installment agreement if it
meets certain criteria (IRM, § In our case, the
(alleged) principle had long since been paid off completely, which
the agent well knew, yet the IRS not only didn't tell me about such
guaranteed installment agreements, but DENIED my proposed
agreement, even when the law specifically and clearly required them
to grant it, and they knew it. (During all of this, the amount they
alleged I owed would wildly fluctuate by thousands of dollars,
without any hint as to the reason.)

Finally, after rubbing their faces in the law over and over again,
they granted what 26 USC § 6159 said they HAD to grant me in the
first place. So now they get $600 a month from me--which is less
than a third of my original (probably overly-ambitious) offer to

Bizarrely, with the installment agreement in place, the IRS then
sent Tessa a letter, saying they had never received a return for
2003, and demanding around $40,000. So we sent them the IRS' own
letter, showing that an installment agreement was already in place
for that year, which of course meant they DID have those returns.
Nope, they ignored our letter, and went ahead and filed a Notice of
Deficiency, double-billing Tessa for what we paid off a year ago.
Fortunately, at this point I think that one is almost resolved

In all of this, had I not known where to look, or had I not gone to
the trouble of finding out what THEIR rules say, what would have
happened? I would have been illegally extorted and robbed. And even
when I did demonstrate that they were blatantly violating the law,
to the point where they finally caved (after months of
stonewalling), what will happen to the IRS folk who ignored the law
in the first place? Absolutely nothing.

In fact, in the cases I'm familiar with, I have NEVER heard of any
IRS agent being punished, or even reprimanded, for refusing to obey
the law. As an IRS whistle-blower explained at congressional
hearings, IRS management knows of, allows, and even CONDONES
illegal actions by IRS agents. In fact, in October of 2004, the
mainstream press broke the story that the IRS wasn't even firing
IRS employees who were failing to file their own tax returns,
though the law (Section 1203, RRA 1998) REQUIRES such firings.

Sorry for the long-winded complaint, but there is a point to all
this (other than me whining about the IRS' behavior). The law
DOESN'T MATTER to these people. And it doesn't matter to Congress
or the courts, either. They pretend to care what the law says, just
enough to keep up the facade that their extortion tactics are in
some way legitimate. But that facade is getting more and more

As a result, efforts to find some magic words or some fancy
procedure which will suddenly make the IRS be nice are a waste of
time. If a person here and there finds a way to avoid being
extorted, that's great. But those in power don't even care about
the most basic laws and rules--they violate them constantly--so
what reason is there to think that there could EVER be a reliable
"procedural" solution? There isn't a procedural solution to the IRS
any more than there is a procedural solution to the Mafia or a car-

I still occasionally get comments from people rebuking me for
expecting the "system" to do the right thing in my case. For the
umpteenth time, I have NEVER expect the system to do the right
thing, and I was saying that long before I ever went to trial. I
did, however, have some small hope that a jury of "regular"
Americans might do the right thing. In some cases they have--e.g.,
Tommy Cryer, Joe Banister, Vernice Kuglin--in others they didn't.
My goal was, and is, quite simple: I will do things the right way,
the government will lie and cheat, and whether I win or lose, I
will publicize their behavior.

The number of ways in which "the system" lied and cheated in my
case could fill a book--and in fact, it DID fill a book, which is
now in the editing stage. But, as always, my goal is NOT to give
advice on how to combat the system, nor is it to complain about
what they did to me--it is to make public how these people behave,
and what they are, for all the world to see.

Oddly, the blatant lawlessness of the IRS may, in a twisted way, be
a good sign. History shows that people don't usually fight back
against government misconduct until it's really dang obvious.
Furthermore, it is a sign of panic and desperation when a
"government" starts being openly fascist, and "forgets" to keep up
the show of due process, justice, rule of law, etc. For a lot of
people, the true nature of the IRS--as extortionistic terrorists,
rather than "tax collectors"--is becoming more and more obvious.
And public opinion and education is still a very potent weapon, and
one which those in power are scared to death of. So don't stop
telling the truth.


Larken Rose


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to the Future with Aaron Russo

By Bill Price

Aaron Russo brought America back to the future. America was living in the fog of the past until Russo’s vision, the memory of a shared dream, was brought back into full view. But, that dream was destined to collide with another dream created out of the past. A dream conjured by George Orwell in his famous novel, 1984. Aaron’s formal quest for truth became a continuation of the phenomenon first seen in the ghost released through Orwell’s book. The specter raised through Orwell’s ghost of the future (big brother) was courageously confronted and then catapulted into the American consciousness by Aaron Russo. Aaron’s work has become a permanent landmark for courage and freedom, not only here in America, but the entire world. I talked to Aaron only twice in my life, but was tremendously impressed with his simplicity and candor in our brief conversations.

A line in one of Bob Dylan’s songs served as an open challenge to all who claimed the talent, skill and most importantly, the humanity to carry on the dream for truth in our future:

“Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen – keep your eyes open wide, this chance won’t come again – and don’t speak too soon for the wheel is still in spin, and there’s no telling who it will be naming …. for the times they are a changing…” Bob Dylan 1964.

Aaron knew the times had changed drastically and deciphered the wheel of fate when it came to rest. People were named, places and dates revealed, and the future, now, due in a large part to Aaron Russo, occupies a place in our minds and hearts.

To me, Aaron’s persona will always be animated by the words of another famous song writer: “And, as I watched him standing on the stage my hands were clinched in fists of rage. No angle born in Hell could break that Satan’s spell. And as the flames climbed high into the night to light the sacrificial rite I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died”. Don Mclean, “American Pie”. Aaron saw the flames burning away at America’s soul and with total abandon, gave his remaining energy to save us, the sacrifice. He knew that the truth is more powerful than all of the weapons in our adversary’s arsenal, and became the most prominent social crusader in the cause to use it. We will never, never forget you, Aaron Russo.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and may the souls of the faithfully departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

Bill Price

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Constitutional Rights Seminar in John Day, Oregon

September 15-16

Dear WTP Supporter,

This message is from WTP Grant County Oregon Coordinator David Kay Snider. Please forward this message to all your freedom loving friends in the Northwest

David Kay Snider We the People Congress Grant County Coord is sponsoring a seminar ON CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

The location will be in John Day, Oregon. The date is Sept 15-16, 2007.
Presentations will be by Margy and Jack Flynn. Jan Lindsey, the 26-year retired FBI veteran who appears in "America Freedom to Fascism," has endorsed the seminar.

For further information please contact David directly at 541-932-4810 or
at his email,

David will also be discussing his water rights case. Freedom is NOT Free.

Please send donations to help Bob and The We The People Foundation
with our work. WTP is defending ALL our rights.

Please Help WTP With Your Generous Support.
All donations are fully tax deductible

The Battle for Liberty and
Our Constitution Has Just Begun

Message from Ron Paul

From: Ron Paul 2008
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 11:32 AM
Subject: Message from Ron Paul

August 22, 2007

Not all the media are biased. A local newspaper in New Hampshire reported
on an annual GOP bbq in the town of Hollis. It could be called "the Ron
Paul show," they said, since the far bigger crowd that usual consisted
mostly of our supporters. One volunteer even rented an airplane and flew a
wonderful sign around the sky. What great, creative, self-starting people
I'm meeting, at every stop, all of them united by a love of America and
American freedom.

Politics is usually about division. But this campaign is just the
opposite. Not only are our volunteers a bunch of happy warriors, but they
also practice the virtues of tolerance and peace, just as they want the
nation to do.

The other day, the state chairman of an opposing campaign (not in New
Hampshire!), angrily tore a sign out of one of our supporter's hands and
trashed it. Different people with different beliefs might have responded
differently. But our people, though they'd been standing in the rain all
day, applied the Golden Rule. It's because of quiet heroes that I know we
can change this country.

A reporter in New Hampshire told me this story about Florida: she had seen
the same three supporters working every day passing out our literature, and
so decided to interview them. She was startled to discover that one was a
Republican, one was a Democrat, and one was an Independent. But I wasn't.

Freedom brings us all together. We can all agree on leaving people alone to
plan and live their own lives, rather than trying to force them to obey at
the point of a gun, as runaway government does. Instead of clawing at each
other via the warfare-welfare state, people under liberty can cooperate in a
unity of diversity.

There is no need to use government to threaten others who have different
standards, or to be threatened by them. Looking to our Founders, our
traditions, and the Constitution, we can build, in peaceful cooperation, a
free and prosperous society.

At a talk show in Nashua, New Hampshire, the host asked me about the fair
tax. Well, I agree on getting rid of the IRS, I told her, but I want to
replace it with nothing, not another tax. But let's not forget the
inflation tax, I said.

This was something she had never considered, but after I talked about the
depreciation of our dollar by the Federal Reserve, its creation of
artificial booms and busts, and its bailouts of the big banks and Wall
Street firms, to the detriment of the average person, she loved it. That is
another tax, she agreed, a hidden and particularly vicious tax.

They try to tell us that the money issue is boring or irrelevant. In fact,
it is the very pith of our social lives, and morally, Constitutionally, and
economically, the central bank is a disaster. Thanks to the work of this
movement, Americans are starting to understand what has been hidden from
them for so long: that we have a right to sound and honest money, not to a
dollar debauched for the special interests.

Unconstitutional government has created a war crisis, a financial crisis, a
dollar crisis, and a freedom crisis. But we don't have to take it. We
don't have to passively accept more dead soldiers, a lower standard of
living, rising prices, a national ID, eavesdropping on our emails and phone
calls, and all the rest.

We can return to first principles, and build the brightest, most brilliant
future any people on earth has ever aspired to. Help me teach this lesson.
Help me campaign all over this country, in cooperation with our huge and
growing volunteer army. Help me show that change is not only possible, but
also essential. Please, make your most generous contribution
( to this campaign for a Constitutional
presidency worthy of our people. Invest in freedom: for yourself, for your
family, for your future.



Larken Rose Comments On Tom Cryer

From :
Sent : Wednesday, August 22, 2007 3:11 PM
To :
Subject : Comments on Cryer

Dear Subscriber,

I just finished reading the trial transcripts of the case of Tommy
Cryer, the Louisiana lawyer recently ACQUITTED of "willful failure
to file." I only have a few comments about it:

1) First, the judge at his trial was both extremely obnoxious and
an idiot. (Well, maybe he was intentionally lying instead, but I'll
give him the benefit of the doubt that he was merely an idiot.)
Aside from being excessively rude and condescending towards Larry
Becraft, Mr. Cryer's attorney, as Mr. Cryer was testifying about
his beliefs, the judge kept completely mischaracterizing them as
beliefs that the tax laws are invalid or unconstitutional, which
anyone paying attention could see that Mr. Cryer was NOT at all

2) The prosecutor, though at first he came across (just from the
transcripts) as less of a @#$@$% than the ones in my case, either
tried to confuse the jury about the difference between
"disagreeing" with the law and believing you don't owe--or he
actually didn't understand the difference himself. Under the
concept of "willfulness," if you believe that the law doesn't tax
your income, you CAN'T be guilty of "willfulness," even if you're
dead wrong (i.e., even if your conclusions conflict with, or
"disagree" with the law itself). However, if you believe you DO owe
the tax, but you think the law is unconstitutional, unfair, etc.--
in other words, if you "disagree" with the tax ON PRINCIPLE--then
that is NOT a defense to "willfulness." Mr. Cryer was obviously
doing the former, but the prosecutor kept trying to paint that as a
"disagreement" with the law, which is NOT what the Supreme Court
meant by that when they said it in the Cheek decision.

3) When I finished reading the government's case (having not yet
read the defense case), I was completely stunned. Their entire case
consisted of proving that Mr. Cryer had made money, and hadn't
filed--which weren't even in question. The only thing that was even
remotely relevant to the essential element of "willfulness" was one
CID goon saying that Mr. Cryer's arguments were "frivolous"--which
is a little odd, because Mr. Cryer hadn't ARGUED anything at that
point. The fact that the government can be so horribly sloppy,
resorting only to envy and demonization, instead of even bothering
to try to prove that a crime was actually committed, not only
reflects badly on the "government" drones, but also on the American
people. Have we become so stupid that, in order to get a jury to
convict, all you have to do is say, "He's a meanie poopoohead, who
didn't do what he was told!"? Unfortunately, yes: most of "us" are
that stupid, as demonstrated by my trial, Dr. Tom's trial, and
Tessa's trial (among others). Thankfully, by some stroke of luck,
someone with a brain must have ended up on Mr. Cryer's jury, and
ended that particular witch-hunt.

4) To me, the funniest moment was when Mr. Cryer's secretary,
testifying as a witness for the government, blurted out something
like, "After Mr. Cryer learned that we are not liable for this
tax..." Of course, the government objected. But then the prosecutor
used the secretary's decision to continue to file herself as if it
proved that she didn't believe Mr. Cryer's conclusions, after
having STOPPED the defense from pointing out that maybe she kept
filing because she didn't want to be terrorized and prosecuted by
the feds. But what kind of goofy logic would that be anyway??:
"You, as a very accomplished, experienced, well-respected lawyer,
CAN'T have thought your conclusions were correct, because your
SECRETARY didn't agree with them (allegedly)." Huh? Anyway, the
government's non-existent case failed to dupe the jury, and that's
all that matters.


Larken Rose

(P.S. Though the 861 evidence came up briefly at trial, as one of
the things which convinced Mr. Cryer that he didn't owe the tax,
there were other issues as well, some of which I disagree with.
Unlike the federal fascists, however, I don't want people put in
cages because they disagree with me. I am thrilled that Mr. Cryer
remains a free man... or rather, as "free" as one can be in this
country at present.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hollis Wayne Fincher of Arkansas

From : Danny Riley
Sent : Tuesday, August 14, 2007 1:36 AM

Everyone should be aware of what is happening to Hollis Wayne Fincher of Arkansas. Fincher's case is to the second amendment as Ed Brown's case is to the 4th and 5th amendments.

Wayne Fincher, age 61 (IIRC), is Lt. Commander of the Militia of Washington County, Arkansas ( ). He has done a great deal of legal research and argues that present firearms laws are unconstitutional and that if arms are necessary to a militia for defense, then logically military weapons such as machine guns should be legal. Therefore he assembled a Sten submachine gun and posted his photo on the militia's home page, carrying the fully operational Sten. He has published a legal paper, The Silver Bullet, on this subject.

The BATF brought in a confidential informant, and based on his information they raided Fincher's home and seized several automatic weapons. He was then sent to one of the worst kangaroo courts I've seen. The judge made Fincher testify for an hour in the absence of the jury to see what he was going to say, and then the judge decided he didn't like it, because Fincher was challenging the law rather than trying to claim he had not possessed the weapons. So... well, see for yourselves:


From this article.

Judge refuses to allow militia leader's testimony

FAYETTEVILLE -- Hollis Wayne Fincher's machine gun trial will go to the jury today with the defense having presented no evidence or witnesses to the jury.

The defense rested Thursday after U.S. District Judge Jimm Larry Hendren ruled Fincher's proposed testimony inadmissible.

Fincher testified for more than an hour with the jury out of the courtroom so Hendren could decide if his testimony was admissible.

Hendren has repeatedly ruled the defense can attack the government's evidence but not the law that applies to the case.

A major issue has been whether the Militia of Washington County is a valid state militia for second amendment purposes. Hendren ruled it's not.

The judge disallowed Fincher's entire defense, not just his testimony.

Incidentally, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a presidential candidate who claims he supports the second amendment, furnished the court with a statement that the Washington County Militia was not an official state militia. On this basis, the judge ruled Fincher had no right to the weapons.

So Wayne Fincher is looking at jail time unless his appeal is successful. A few days after his arrest, the militia building was attacked by an arsonist.

Bearing arms

Scott McPherson
August 13, 2007

The men who founded our nation understood that government was necessary to preserve the people's freedoms. But they also knew that government agents could not always be trusted to use their authority justly, and that government remains the single greatest threat to the rights and liberties of the people.

America's Founding Fathers knew that freedom required that the people always retain the ability to take government out of the hands of abusive officials, "to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security." This was far from just some lofty theory to the Founders. They had witnessed oppressive government firsthand and had seen this principle unfold in dramatic practice as thousands of armed citizens took up their muskets and drove the king's soldiers — their government's soldiers — back to Boston on April 19, 1775. The United States was born out of the fight against tyranny.

Most important, the Framers remembered this when they created a new Constitution. To ensure that government remains in the hands of the people, the Second Amendment guaranteed that the citizen militia would remain sacrosanct.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is the least understood of all rights mentioned in the Constitution. Few today have any idea of the true meaning and intent of this provision, and most people are more likely to deride this right either as an archaic and unnecessary remnant of an embarrassing past, or at best merely some benign assurance that "sportsmen" will be able to go hunting. Neither is true.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an important and integral part of what it means to be an American. In fact, it could be said to represent the most important and integral part of being an American. When our ancestors followed the example of half the state governments and included a "right to arms" provision in the Federal Bill of Rights, they unapologetically and irrefutably established a nation of free and autonomous individuals.

By granting legal and moral recognition to the right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution — "the law of the land" — Americans made concrete in practice that every single free citizen would remain the final repository of political power. Early American statesmen were following the sage advice of such men as the Scottish philosopher and militia advocate Andrew Fletcher, who argued that "arms are the only true badges of liberty," providing "the distinction of a free man from a slave."

Without arms, the people's rights could too easily become prey to the whim of an ambitious executive, the edicts of a corrupt legislature or the proclamations of false-hearted judges. Under an armed citizenry, this becomes much more difficult. Government must proceed carefully when exercising power, lest a "long Train of Abuses and Usurpations" inspire the people to again water the "tree of liberty . . . with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

In no other culture and under no other government has the importance of an armed citizenry been made so explicit or as carefully guaranteed as it has under the American constitutional order. While both ancient Rome and the British Parliament paid statutory lip service to the value of being armed, only in the United States was being armed recognized as an inviolable right protected by the Constitution. What started with gunfire at Lexington and Concord ended with the words of Tench Coxe, a friend of James Madison: "Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American. . . . [The] unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."

James Madison also understood the ultimate, fail-safe role of the citizen militia. In Federalist 46, he dismissed fears of a standing army being used against the people because it "would be opposed [by] a militia. . . with arms in their hands." A few years later he would write what became the Second Amendment, with its promise that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

If the average person today wonders about his relationship to his government, the Second Amendment provides ample guidance. It represents the ideal of American political and social life: the individual, self-governing, self-motivated, self-respecting, dignified, free citizen — who takes these virtues so seriously that he will maintain the personal power to back them up.

Scott McPherson is a policy advisor at the Future of Freedom Foundation.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bloody Knives

From : Larken Rose
Sent : Sunday, August 12, 2007 11:35 PM
Subject : Bloody Knives

Dear Subscriber,

One night you're walking through the city, when from an alley you
hear screams of agony. At first it's too dark to see, but then a
man comes running into view, a bloody butcher's knife clutched in
his hand. Seeing your expression, he hesitates, then says, "Oh,
don't worry, that was just my girlfriend; she stubbed her toe." So
you go on about your business, putting the incident out of your
mind, forgetting it ever happened. The end.


Just about anyone with a brain, after reading the above story,
would immediately think, "But what about the bloody knife??" A
stubbed toe doesn't explain the bloody knife. But hey, the guy TOLD
you that's all it was, so who are you to keep asking frivolous
questions about what happened?

And so it is with the "income tax" deception, and the 861 evidence.
There are piles of proverbial "bloody knives" lying around, which
the feds have never even TRIED to explain. But they TOLD you we all
owe the tax, and just for good measure, they persecuted, robbed,
imprisoned, and/or silenced the people who suggested otherwise.
Isn't that enough? You don't STILL want explanations for all those
bloody knives, do you? Just mind your own damn business, and forget
you ever saw them.

Here are some of the "bloody knives" which have been made public
for anyone who wants to see them, but which, as far as I know, the
feds have never even TRIED to explain:

1) Many decades of income tax regulations very specifically said
that, in addition to those types of income specifically exempted
from tax by the tax code, some OTHER income is also tax-free
because of the Constitution itself.

Like what? For a moment, never mind what I think the answer is, or
what you think the answer is. THOUSANDS of Americans have asked the
IRS the question, and I have yet to see ANY answer, or even any
MENTION of the question or the regulations which say that, coming
from anyone in government, in any of the three branches. SOMETHING
is Constitutionally excluded--their own law books say so in plain
English. And yet I have NEVER seen them say a word about that. They
just leave that "bloody knife" sitting there in plain view, with
nary a WORD about it, hoping you'll forget you ever saw it.

2) After saying that the "items" of income listed in Section 61 are
sometimes exempt, the current regulations give a list of types of
income which are NOT exempt--i.e., which ARE taxable. The list,
which you can go look up yourself (1.861-8T(d)(2)(iii)), includes
four types of international trade. No mention is made of the
domestic income of the average American.

What's the purpose of that list? And why isn't OUR income on the
list, if we actually owe the tax? Once again, set aside any answer
you and I might suggest; why has no one in any of the three
branches of government ever given any answer or explanation of
that, or even MENTIONED that particular regulation? Another
unexplained "bloody knife," left right out in the open.

3) In the older version of the tax codes, there was a section which
very plainly stated that in the case of FOREIGNERS, and in the case
of Americans with POSSESSIONS income, compensation for services
performed inside the U.S. (as well as other kinds of domestic
income) is, after subtracting allowable deductions, to be included
in full as TAXABLE income.

Isn't such income taxable for ALL U.S. citizens? That's obviously
what the feds want us to think. So why would there be a section
saying it's taxable in the case of foreigners and CERTAIN
Americans? I have an answer, and you might too, but I have NEVER
seen anyone in any of the three branches of government answer that
question, or discuss that section of law at all.

There are many more proverbial "bloody knives," but that will do
for now. At least as far back as 1998, thousands of Americans have
been asking about these things. They get the usual insults
("frivolous!") and threats ("you'll get in trouble!"), and even an
occasional baseless assertion or two. But many of the
"inconvenient" pieces of evidence just get ignored entirely. The
feds say NOTHING about them, acting as if they're not there, in the
hopes that we'll all forget about the pile of bloody knives on
their front doorstep. (In case you're wondering, I brought up all
three of the above-mentioned "bloody knives" at my trial, in
addition to others, and neither the prosecutors nor the judge ever
said ONE WORD about them.)

The objective, thinking scientific mind seeks to explain evidence,
rather than looking for an excuse to IGNORE it. I put together my
"Taxable Income" report in 1998, revised and updated it repeatedly,
and then recently rewrote the entire thing from scratch (whilst in
prison for the crime I didn't commit), for the benefit of anyone
who actually WANTS to see how all the evidence fits together. You
won't ever see the feds doing anything of the kind. If you're
lucky, you'll get one or two baseless assertions (e.g., "You're not
supposed to use 861!"), but you'll NEVER see them lay out all the
evidence, explaining it piece by piece, showing how all the pieces
fit together into a complete and logical picture supporting their
position (because it doesn't). In short, for eight YEARS it's been
a one-sided "debate": while we give comprehensive explanations,
with numerous supporting citations, they say "Frivolous! Shut up!"
And they hope people don't notice all the bloody knives.

Well, for anyone who's interested in learning more about the
"bloody knives," you too can now have your very own copy of my
recent updated, much-improved "Taxable Income" report, for the low,
low price of... zero dollars and zero cents (just like it's always
been). Just look for the link at the bottom of the following web
page, and download the new and improved (but still free) version of
the report (in PDF format):


Larken Rose

P.S. For those of you who haven't yet, while you're on the web site, find the orange
"Click&Pledge" button near the bottom, and make a donation to the
family of Dr. Tom Clayton, a man who has risked, and lost, a LOT in
an effort to get the public to pay attention to all the feds'
"bloody knives." If you do it now, you have my permission to ignore
any future naggings about it I may send out. Wouldn't that alone
make it worthwhile?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Impossible Dream

By Bill Price

People are demanding that government show the law that makes private, unincorporated U.S. citizens liable for an individual federal income tax. But, that’s impossible! Who says? The U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court, that’s who! I call your attention to the following Supreme Court ruling, precedence law: “…concluding that the classification of direct was adopted for the purposes of rendering it impossible to burden by taxation accumulations of property, real or personal, except subject to the regulation of apportionment.” BRUSHABER v UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD CO. 240 U.S. 1 (1916)


Article I § 2 cl. 3: “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included in this Union, according to their respective numbers…”

The above precedence law has been combined with Article I § 2 cl. 3, to forge the supreme law of the land, per Article VI: “The Constitution, and the Laws the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; … shall be the supreme law of the land.”
Whose dream is impossible? Officialdom’s present position regarding the individual income tax is merely a dreamy obsession to collect a tribute from all that dare trade their labor for compensation/wages. Their position cannot currently be justified in law (see the above). “We the people” on the other hand realistically expect and demand that our government officials uphold the constitution and the laws in pursuance of it? The supreme law of the land is being violated. The usual culprits, ignorance and neglect, are only partly responsible; a cunning seduction has played the primary role.


“Mundus vult decipi.” There is more than one way to interpret this Latin phrase. P. T. Barnum would probably cipher it as “There is a sucker born every minute”, but the literal translation is “The world wants to be deceived”. And so, let the world be deceived. We have been seduced to follow a pseudo plan that things will be alright without the vigilances liberty always requires. Buying that notion numbs a normal conscience. The appeal is undeniable. Who wants to worry about the Constitution, law, and politics? The difference in effort to maintain the fruit of truth in reality and the immediate relief found in a mushy substitute is like the work required for procuring coconut from its ugly hairy husk, as compared to the slick easy peel of a banana. It takes a lot of work to get at the sweetness in the truth. It’s not that the truth is so hard to understand, it’s all the work in fighting the easy banana type temptations. Let’s face it; our nature is to take the easy road. For example, in the case of “Apportionment”, its meaning is simple. It would be easily grasped by pupils if our nation’s schools would ever take an hour or so to introduce this crucial concept. The easy benefits of silence have seduced the nation’s intelligentsia. Our collective inclination for compromise so far outweighs the effort required in defending truth. This grand deception has resulted in the pervasive misapplication of the individual federal income tax (a trillion dollar tax scheme). If you were to ponder the meaning of the word “apportionment” (a division into proportionate shares) for a few moments, you, likely, will never think the same way on the issue of income taxes again. The Constitution in Article1 mentioned above, unequivocally states that direct taxes cannot be imposed unless they are apportioned first. The Supreme Court backs up Article1’s demand. The Code of Federal Regulations in 19 CFR 351.102 lists wages as one of the subjects classified as a direct tax, therefore, subject to the rule of apportionment. The last time the Congress voted to apportion a direct tax was in 1861, during the Civil War. The current direct taxes (federal income taxes) have not been apportioned, and are being imposed on the banana brains and the coconuts heads out here as part of a seductive compromise that began in 1942 with the Victory Tax Act. Along with the sale of war bonds the Victory tax was touted as the way to bring an early end to World War II and get our boys back home.

Reality, which one?

There are two. Christ said “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you.” According to Christ, there are two realities, the world’s reality which may or may not include the truth, and the unadulterated truth. Our reality in the USA is that Caesar (the government) has authority, and it does. But does it have the truth? This is a very old problem. Government demanding obedience to their authority is a given, but when their demand comes at the expense of the truth, realities collide. If you are a private citizen working for a private company, such as Ford Motor Co., the individual income tax is automatically deducted from your paycheck. A condition of employment is a signed W-4 form confirming your alleged income tax liability. If you later refuse to go along with the liability game by submitting another W-4 claiming exempt in the box provided for such exemptions, the “repercussions” will eventually follow. But, the decision to go along, while understandable, tragically leaves the truth on the outside. The government has placed us in the untenable position of pitting our obedience to them against the truth in the Constitution and the law. Now let’s say that the people filling out the form 1040 write on the bottom that they are paying the tax under duress, and that the individual income tax is a direct tax on their labor and as such a violation of the Constitutional requirement demanded in Article 1 § 2 part 3 and § 9 part 4 for apportionment. How long do you think the “pay your fair share” motto would continue then? If you are raising a family you are compelled protect yourself from the strong-arm tactics of the government by “rendering” to Caesar, but nothing should be stopping you from proclaiming the truth to Caesar. I don’t entirely blame people for buying into the deception that officialdom is only asking us to do “our share”. But, compromising in order to nurse a troubled conscience amounts to just peeling another banana. Consoling ourselves with mushy “I pay my fair share” disguises will only delay the inevitable collision of realities. Where will all our educators be when confronted with the inevitable accusations that for decades they have omitted obvious truths? The truth is the only way. “…they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe the lie.” 2 Thess. 2: 10-12 “Mundus vult decipi.” The world wants to be deceived.

Apportionment is the Key

Understanding apportionment will destroy our natural susceptibility to the deception. If you have never considered apportionment’s role in limiting the government’s taxing authority, you may want to read the following personification of “apportionment” or Lady “A”, as she is referred to in the “Crime of the Century”. “A fructibus eorum cognoscetis eos.” By their fruits you shall know them. Maybe it’s time we reexamined our elected representatives. Do we know them by the speeches they have made or by the fruit they have born?

Crime of the Century

Apportionment’s body discovered! Mutilated remains found.

Lady A (by all that knew and loved her) was discovered while excavation for the new law library in Washington D.C got under way. The cause of death is still being investigated, but preliminary findings by forensic experts indicate multiple blunt force wounds as the cause. A 16 inch instrument next to the body is believed to be the weapon. The time of death was estimated to be 1942. Apportionment was 155 years old and had two different addresses listed, Article I § 2 cl. 3 and Article I § 9 cl. 4 U.S. Constitution Ave., PA. Apportionment (Lady A) is survived by all U.S. citizens and is being laid out for public viewing in this story.

Lady Apportionment lived an illustrious life. For 155 years she protected all U.S. citizens from property loss. Apportionment was described by Mr. Black in his Law Dictionary as a perfect “Division into proportionate shares”. From her birth in 1787, Apportionment lived up to her noble constitutional mission by fiercely protecting every citizen’s property rights, resolutely insisting on her principle of proportionate shares whenever governmental intruders demanded direct taxes from the private property/money of their constituents (we the people). One of A’s more notable victories was chronicled in a famous Supreme Court decision, “Pollock v Farmers’ Loan and Trust Co.”. That day, Lady Apportionment used her constitutional mandate of proportionate shares as the shinning beacon to guide a majority of jurists on the High Court to truth and justice. The Court, guided by Lady A, struck down the deceitful portion of the U.S. Congress’s 1894 Income Tax Act. The Act was judged according to Lady A’s brilliant constitutional insight and the High Court declared: “...that such tax is a direct tax, and void because imposed without regard to the rule of apportionment; and that by reason thereof the whole law is invalidated.” POLLOCK v FARMERS’ LOAN & TRUST CO., 157 US 429 (1895)

Lady Apportionment fought relentlessly for generations, beating back governmental forays designed to exploit private property/money rights guaranteed to all U.S. citizens. Her principle was simple, just and written on the door of her address at Article I § 2 cl. 3: “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included in this Union, according to their respective numbers…”
Lady A’s constitutional mandate for the preservation of individual property rights will be remembered as the primary bulwark in our country’s fight for liberty. Her untimely death will be continually mourned with each new un-apportioned property right abuse committed by unrestrained government agents and “legislators”. The Supreme Court, if they choose to eulogize her, would naturally include its ringing endorsement of Lady “A’s” maxim; “…concluding that the classification of direct was adopted for the purposes of rendering it impossible to burden by taxation accumulations of property, real or personal, except subject to the regulation of apportionment.” BRUSHABER v UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD CO. 240 U.S. 1 (1916) These Supreme Court rulings have ensconced Lady Apportionment’s maxim into decisional law, the highest law of the land.

It has been reported that virtually every private, unincorporated U.S. citizen has suffered repeated attacks on their private property and liberty since the murder of Apportionment in 1942. Governmental agencies, corporations and paid collection institutions, such as the IRS have collaborated with the Justice Department to deprive private U.S. citizens of their constitutional protections against the imposition of direct un-apportioned taxes.

If anyone has information relating to the brutal murder of Apportionment you are “encouraged” to report it to the Treasury Inspector General for “Tax Administration” TIGTA. TIGTA provides complaint forms to begin investigations of Constitutional deprivations and is, apparently, “mystified” about Lady “A’s” long disappearance and apparent murder.

For more details on the circumstances at the time of Lady A’s murder, get the free flyer “withholding a la Manhattan” @ Many patriot organizations taking the lead in the current investigation can assist those who have information related to the crime.

A mysterious note was found rolled around the 16 inch murder weapon at the scene of the crime. The note is reprinted here and may lead to additional clues in Lady A’s murder: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

The above note is regarded as an important clue into the motive of lady “A’s” vicious murder. Current leads have indicated the identity of an accomplice going under the name of Fraud. For his apparent connection with Lady Apportionment’s murder, Mr. Fraud will be arraigned at the Court of Public Opinion. Any additional information leading to an arrest and conviction will likely be used in discussions for reparations. The theft of personal property involving millions of private (unincorporated) U. S. citizens, dating as far back as 1942, is seen as the a key to a motive in Lady A’s long disappearance and murder.

The identification of other accomplices is being vigorously sought. Our Constitution is in grave peril as long as Apportionment’s place at Article I § 2 cl. 3 and Article 1 § 9 cl. 4 of the U.S. Constitution remains vacant.

Bill Price, reporting for

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tommy Cryer on Roy's Radio

From: Angela Stark
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 10:08 AM
To: Irwin Schiff News
Subject: Tommy Cryer on Roy's Radio this Thursday (really really early)

Good news!

Tommy Cryer will be Roy's guest this Thursday, August 9,
in the really-really early morning hours from 1 to 2 am Pacific
daylight savings time.

Listen to KPFK 90.7fm Los Angeles,
and 98.7am Santa Barbara, or online at
Archived for 60 days online at - 'audio archives'

Call in with your questions
On air phone line 818 985 5735

Supporters Comment

From : Danny Riley
Sent : Tuesday, August 7, 2007 1:46 PM
Subject : supporter's comment

An email from of our supporters from myspace.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brown,

I just wanted to write and let you know that I admire what your doing and I agree with you guys 150%, the feds must show the law that requires the American people to pay an income tax on their wages, the burden of proof is on them. As someone that served in the military I am ashamed at the actions of this government and I am outraged that the freedoms and the liberties that I thought I was defending by serving are now being assualted by my own government and I am also shamed and outraged by how they have treated good and decent people such as yourselves and many others. The real terrorists are not in the middle east, their here in our own land wearing suits and ties, judges robes, wearing badges, all blindly enforcing an injust and immoral system.

I served in the military for 5 and half years, I just got out in March and I left because of the fact that my supervisors and leadership didn't like my views. I came to a knowledge of the truth about the New World Order and the forming police state because someone had enough guts to approach me after work one day, who just happened to be a base taxi driver and told me about Alex Jones and there began my many years of reading up and studying.

After that I realized that I could no longer serve in the military because I realized that I was serving under a criminal government and that I as a Christian and an American could not just go along with evil. I support your stand and will keep you all in my prayers and I will make sure that what you now do will never be forgotten even if they go in there and take you guys out, because they can never touch what's in my soul or the soul of anyone else and they cannot and will not silence the truth.

I have plans to design a T-Shirt showing my support of you and to make a plaque or a display in my room where I will have a picture of you and a quote from one of the founding Fathers, I consider you patriots and heroes and I will always remember you and speak of you with the same reverance that I would speak about great patriots like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry.

I am a direct decendent of someone that served in the American revolution and I support you guys because of that heritage because I do not wish to dishonor the patriot blood which runs through my veins. May God bless and keep you and like Patrick Henry once said: " I know not what course others may take, but as for me, Give me liberty or give me death!"

Name Withheld


BY: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

The time for a Peaceful 2nd American Revolution is NOW!

There is no need for bloodshed.

There is no need for violence.

There is no need for Martial Law.

There is no need for Terrorism.

The need is for the Sovereign People who Are the True Government of these united states of America to act like the Sovereigns, the Masters they are, and hold their Public Servants accountable in a realistic manner, a Just manner. The time for talking is over. It is time for ACTION.

The key to Peace has always remained with the Peacemakers, not the war mongers, the
purveyors of Terrorism for profit, the corporate shadow that has insinuated itself into our previously Constitutional Republic and transformed it into what it is today.

Yet since Civilized man lost the good sense that God had given him, and plunged from the Grace of Divine Awareness into the depths of Satanic based Intellectualism, the societies of our world have never known a time where there was a lasting peace on earth. The remote controlling Satanist elitists have ruled the "sheeple" and kept them enslaved through force, fear, and mysticism.

All that can come to an end NOW!

When Satanic Lawyer servants are allowed to write the rules for their Masters to follow, the keys to Heaven become the keys to Hell and one with spiritual sight can see the definite demonic shift which overcomes the land. Justice becomes a Commercial endeavour of Slave trading by self-appointed Black-Robed Hypocrites, How and Why -- because their Satanic words say so.

The Sovereign People of America hold the power to bring Hell on Earth to a halt merely by realizing they hold the key to their own Liberation, physical and spiritual. They can take back their country anytime they want to. They only have to see the viability of the plan they undertake CLEARLY.

No man has the Right to appoint himself Dictator over the American People except for the inculcated Satanic Illusions which prevails in the mind of a man named Bush, and the Satanically mind Controlled People.

No man is above the law. No man stands above his Creator.

The natural pecking order has, is, and always shall be God the Creator stands over
Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural, Sovereign men and women, His Creation who stand as Sovereign People over Government, THEIR creation, which stands over their created, Fictional Juristic Persons corporate construct, their slaves.

That, Brothers and Sisters is the NATURE OF JURISDICTION.

Ed and Elaine Brown two Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Sovereign Children of God are being held hostage in their own home and layed seige to, by their "fictional" government servants who refused the Brown's Due
Process of Law, and the Right of theirs to demand that the actual law under which they are being prosecuted PRODUCED.

THE COURTS REFUSE TO PRODUCE THE LAW OR ANSWER THE QUESTION. They remained mute because the law they sought to convict the Browns with is a LAW WHICH HAS NEVER EXISTED.

Why, BECAUSE THERE ARE PRESENTLY NO LAWS which exists governing Living, Breathing,
Flesh-and Blood, Sentient Natural Men and Women. All law of the Fictional Administrative Courts (Unconstitutional) of our land pertain only to the limited legal construct of Fictional Juristic Corporate entities. Such Courts have no
ACTUAL JURISDICTION over the Living, Breathing,Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man
or Woman, but for the presumption of JURISDICTION as acting as sureties for the debts of the Debtor defendant. When such JURISDICTION is challenged, all legal proceedings must be stopped and JURISDICTION must be proved in writing by the courts/prosecution before prosecution may resume. THAT IS THE LAW A Law that is not followed in Today's Court System.

Enough is enough, is it not? Let the Cry across the land be "SHOW US THE LAW": "SHOW US YOUR JURISIDICTION."

Let a Nationwide phone calling campaign, letter writing, email begin where every freedom loving man or woman call their their State's governors, their Federal and State legislators, their attorney generals, judges and prosecuting District Attorneys and DEMAND an answer from them to the above two questions. If they are willing to answer the question, ask them if they will do it UNDER OATH OR AFFIDAVIT, then ask them again if they are willing to do it.

Surely there must be one such public servant to be found amongst thousands throughout our country who will answer those two questions if our government is to remain a Servant of the People and not its Tyrannical Master?

If after such an event, no answer is forthcoming. It is time to REMOVE THEM FROM
OFFICE and screw the rules they have written to protect them in their jobs.

That, my Brothers and Sisters WILL BE the PEACEFUL 2nd AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©


Monday, August 06, 2007

Scott Haley, Founder of "Individual Sovereignty" Comments On Danny Riley's 8/6 Statement

Danny Riley wrote:

What is a peaceful solution to the Brown’s situation in Plainfield, New Hampshire? The Marshals say “turn yourself in and you won’t be harmed”, The Browns reply with “turn myself in for what? We have not broken any laws”. The Marshals are just doing their job they exclaim, in their minds a person has been convicted and they been order to apprehend by the court. The Marshals are not concerned with the moral issues and questions of corruption and a non-law conviction that arises from this case. For the most part the Marshals are probably good Americans, willing to defend the country, but the Marshals probably have not researched and investigated the greater issues involved here, such as the federal reserve fraud, the IRS fraud of not being able to produce a liability clause in the law, and the lawlessness of the federal courts, not allowing due process. Read the rest of Danny's statement here.

Scott Haley responded:

Well done...a thought-provoking article.

There are a number of extremely unfortunate and frustrating aspects to this whole situation. Here are a few---

1. Marshals (or other law enforcement folks) are not going to show Ed & Elaine the Law in question...because they don't have the desire to do so, much less the expertise to even attempt it. The misapplied 26 USC, Subtitle A, Chapter 1 is so lengthy, convoluted and confusing that most BARflies (attorneys) have a tough time trying to explain it.

2. Non-Peace Officer Govt representatives are not going to "show the Law" because it is not in their best interests to do so...and they don't care about the controversy.

3. On April 15 of this year, every "taxpayer" in this nation should have refused (in the name of Ed & Elaine) to submit a 1040...but they didn't refuse. Had they done so, someone in the Govt would have been forced to come forward & "show us the Law".

4. Whoever represents Ed & Elaine in the U.S. House of Representatives should have come to their find out first-hand (not by hearsay) what their complaint is about. That person should be thoroughly ashamed of himself/herself. [I realize full well that Reps cannot visit every individual in their Districts, but this is a unique and dire situation.]

THERE ARE A NUMBER of possible (but, admittedly, NOT probable) peaceful solutions to this scenario. [Remember, I said "possible", not probable.] Here are a few---

1. Someone from Treasury could be dispatched to Plainfield to "show the Law". [Highly unlikely, but if the Govt was of a mind to do so, it is possible.]

2. More likely, Ed & Elaine's Congressional Rep could come to Plainfield and do the same. This would require a lot of pressure being put on him/her. [Has anyone explored this possibility? I say that despite what I said in # 2 above.]

3. Ed & Elaine could surrender peaceably based on this reasoning: perhaps it is better to live and work for restoration of the Republic (even in prison) than it is to die. [Frankly, I would probably do exactly as Ed & Elaine are doing now, but we're talking "what is possible" here. No matter what the Browns say, surrender is "possible"; but, of course, it takes the will to do it.]

4. The Marshals could come to their senses and recognize that they're making war on a peaceful couple who only are saying that they will defend themselves...and then the Marshals could quit. [Unfortunately, even if that possibility came about, they would be replaced with different Marshals.]

5. The People of this country could stop fearing their SERVANT Govt and boycott it AT EVERY LEVEL in the name of Ed & Elaine. [Highly unlikely, but "possible".]

So, what are we left with? Except for food for thought, it seems that we're back to square one.


perhaps we should find out who Ed & Elaine's Congressional Rep is and inundate that person with emails, phone calls, letters, videos (posted on the web), etc. DEMANDING that he/she "show Ed & Elaine the Law", and show it in detail, with all the exclusions, exceptions, and gobbledeegook phrases ["Except as provided for in section 61...", "Except as otherwise provided...(where???)] etc. EXPLAINED.


perhaps we should attempt to convince Ed & Elaine (I know this would be tough) that it is better to be a live martyr than a dead one. Consider Ghandi, Mandela, and others who spent time in prison---look what they accomplished. [I have a tough time with this one because, as I said, I would probably do exactly as the Browns are doing. Nevertheless, unless you are terminally ill or being tortured, living makes more sense than dying.]

Obviously, there are no easy answers to this problem.

My main disappointment is with the adult American public in general. We could force the Govt's hand if only we would boycott on a massive scale.



Danny Riley Comments On The Concept/Idea of A Peaceful Solution

What is a peaceful solution to the Brown’s situation in Plainfield, New Hampshire? The Marshals say “turn yourself in and you won’t be harmed”, The Browns reply with “turn myself in for what? We have not broken any laws”. The Marshals are just doing their job they exclaim, in their minds a person has been convicted and they been order to apprehend by the court. The Marshals are not concerned with the moral issues and questions of corruption and a non-law conviction that arises from this case. For the most part the Marshals are probably good Americans, willing to defend the country, but the Marshals probably have not researched and investigated the greater issues involved here, such as the federal reserve fraud, the IRS fraud of not being able to produce a liability clause in the law, and the lawlessness of the federal courts, not allowing due process.

So now, on the other side you have a very hardnosed dedicated person in his beliefs and convictions, who is being asked to be put in a cage for 5 years for a crime he believes 100% he did not commit. Most of the Brown supporters have studied these issues and see a decline of our country into a fascist dictatorship. The supporters want to do something to help save our country and see Ed as someone “finally standing up” to the powers that are trying to destroy our country. The Browns believe they were denied due process, the trial was run like a Spanish Inquisition. I spoke with people who were at the trial and they described it as a process no true American can be proud of. Some of the marshals I spoke with also conferred the trial was a travesty.

So what is the peaceful solution to resolving this without anyone getting hurt? I hear Marshal Monier saying just turn yourself in. Then Ed Brown saying show me the law and I will pay what you say I owe. How can we come up with a resolution? Suggestions, Anybody……. Some I have read consist of, just Show him the law, build a fence around the house and leave him be, just forget about him and arrest him if he goes off his property. Show him the law, that’s good, building a fence is out of the question. Waiting him out is plausible, but I believe the government does not want to play that game because they look at this a wound they want healed and forget about, the sooner the better.

All the solutions are with the government. They find themselves in this scenario all because they refuse to produce the law. The same law they could not produce in the Tommy Cryer trial last month, thus his acquittal. Ed Brown was charged with the same crime but his trial was a sham. The judge was way stricter on what the Browns were allowed to present in their defense. I ask the Marshals, would you allow yourself to be put in a cage for five years for a crime you know you did not commit? There has been no crime committed here. I fear people are going to get killed over this, for what! Paper Notes of Credit printed out of thin air backed by nothing, that’s what federal reserve notes are.

I beg my fellow countrymen (Marshals) to give the Browns a way out of this, without having to plead guilty to a crime they did not commit and without having to give up their lives. Let the Browns pay all their legal taxes on their properties, square up with local taxes, and whatever else they might legally owe. Let them get back to their status they were before this began. I ask the Marshals to show Quarter to your fellow countryman. Remember your roots are tied to Ed browns roots, to all our roots; our forefathers fought a war over illegal taxation. Ed Brown is standing on the side of our forefathers while the Marshals are taking the side of the King, speaking in metaphor. The easiest most peaceful way to end this and to prove to the American People that this is not an illegal tax and to end this situation in an instant, show the law, that makes an Americans liable for a direct tax on their labor, that’s it.

danny riley 8-6-07


Sunday, August 05, 2007

If you do not stand with the Browns today, this will be your ours tomorrow.

If you do not stand with the Browns today, this will be your ours tomorrow. You must have broken some law that one of the alphabet teams can come and visit.

Just so you know, Ed Brown has a check all made out to the IRS for the full amount to the IRS, all they have to do is show Ed the law. Is that not easy?

Seeing that this has gone on for 7+ months, I guess it’s not easy. Why, will the IRS not show ED or us the law? Call you local congress critter and ask him to show you the law. They will not, you know. Does that not put up a BIG RED flag for you?

When they come to your house, ask them; “what are we going to do with the dead, the wounded, the prisoners, and the women and children” Then watch their faces.

Also tell them: “I’m willing to die protecting my God given Constitutional protected rights. Are you willing to die trying to take them?

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said it best.

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!" -- The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Since the dawn of man there has been a command structure throughout the animal kingdom. From alligators to monkeys, to wolves, to- fill in the blank-, there is always a command structure, ie dominant male then the dominant female, then the guards then the den watchers etc. etc. etc.. Like a bee hive has its command structure, I think it is an axiom to say everyone knows a bee hive has its Queen then on downward through the ranks.

Now man has a command structure too. The Egyptians used the symbol of the pyramid to symbolize its command structure with the Pharaoh at the top and the slaves at the bottom. Let’s remembers Egypt was a state with lots of slaves. That set up, with the pyramid type command structure, is a dictatorship, something Americans do not like or want. Now, our enemy uses this pyramid as one of its symbols, which if you take a good look around they are everywhere in our society. That is the enemies way of showing they are in control and supposed to energize their plans for world domination through symbolism, through their weird religion they follow.

The ingenious thing the founding fathers did was invert the pyramid with the tip on the bottom, and put the people (the masses) in control at the top and put who ever is regulating the people at the bottom and with the fewest numbers, thus creating total freedom for the sovereigns who just fought a bloody war with against the most powerful army in the world and threw off their monarch style of government. Now, today, our tradition of liberty has been lost to the international bankers who have righted the pyramid and now are in a position to slam the door on the cage of the American People. Plado said that the ultimate pyramid would have a ruling elite at the top with another command structure inside the ruling elite, beneath that would be security forces to separate the slaves from their rulers. The security forces would have a decent life with some decent benefits but they are slaves themselves too. The only free people, in this type of command structure, is the ruling elite. Now below the security forces are the slaves who live in misery and poverty and work just to stay alive.

This is the utopia these wackos are trying to achieve, Plado’s Pyramid. This is Americas worst nightmare. The international bankers write about their plans for world domination, more and more because they think they are at a point now where they can not be stopped even if they are exposed. Now, the one thing we have is numbers, like bees attacking a man. The bees are smaller and can be killed with a mere swat of the man’s hand but they attack in numbers and sting relentlessly till the man succumbs to the poison from the stings and dies. This scenario is what the international bankers fear, the masses taking up arms in defense of their country. It’s a battle they know they can not fend off and win.

Well if this is the one most important thing the international bankers fear then why are we not putting the fear into them like they have been doing to US the American People. Flying planes into buildings, blowing up buildings, burning buildings with American Men, woman and children in them and machine gunning them as they ran from the building, shooting an innocent woman in the head while holding a baby, stealing people’s money with the barrel of a gun using their phony IRS, knocking off brave patriots one by one. How much more can we take as a free people before we realize our freedom is a façade, a fake picture of reality drawn for you by the international bankers. Its time to wake up and take our destiny out of the hands of our representatives and turn the pyramid back upside down, the way it belongs in America, the way it was given to US by our founding fathers.

The people are at the top then our local governments, then our county, then our state then our federal governments, that is the proper chain of command. The people cannot fix this problem if their representatives are not doing their wishes. The people ask for an explanation to why they are not representing them properly and the people get no answer. Nice. Now the people must flex their might and make things right, and that is where we are in our nation’s history. My fellow countrymen and woman join in the fight to take back our republic which has fallen prey to the international bankers. It is either going to be the home of the brave or the home of the slave if we do not act now.

danny riley 8-5-07

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Danny Riley "On The Record": What Does His Affidavit Accomplish?

Tuva Or Bust asked:

What does this document accomplish?

10:53 AM

Mad Dog Marine said...

Regarding affidavits in pretty much all jurisdictions:

Charolais Breeding Ranches, Ltd. v. FPC Secs. Corp., 90 Wis. 2d 97, 109, 279 N.W.2d 493 (Ct. App. 1979) (unrefuted arguments deemed admitted).

If this were me, I would reauthor an affidavit "specifically" dealing with the arrest incident. Obtain supporting affidavits of others who can testify that shots,indeed were fired at that same location and time of the alleged incident. Then I would (with video camera)bring them to the local sheriff's office and file a formal criminal complaint for "attempted murder,and/or assault with a deadly weapon". Not expecting a response by the local prosecutor, it would be time to write a letter to the press stipulating "attempted murder not a prosecutorial offense in Plainfiel,NH. Time to make these people responsible for their criminal malfeasance of office.

12:37 PM

Tuva or bust said...

The internet isn't a jurisdiction. The affidavit is worthless.

1:50 PM

David Christopher said...

Tuva - I'm just going to say what's on everyones mind here.

"You're a frigging moron."

Seriously, in my opinion, (and probably others) you're a prime example of what's wrong with this country.

2:13 PM

albanyNY said...

what does it accomplish? by asking that question shows you do not understand. A document accepted by a court is "sufficent on its face" and CANNOT be disallowed by a court to be put infront of a jury. This document is basically talking to a jury. Mad dog is right, more affidavits are better. i can not do it all myself and either can the Browns, we must unite under the banner of liberty to take our country back, this is our heritage and our legacy as Americans, we need other Americans to Step Up! and take on the responsibilty of taking our country back from the international bankers who we have fallen prey to.

Actions are louder than words

2:26 PM

Tuva or bust said...

"what does it accomplish? by asking that question shows you do not understand. A document accepted by a court is "sufficent on its face" and CANNOT be disallowed by a court to be put infront of a jury. This document is basically talking to a jury."

Posting a document on the internet is not submitting it to a court.

Bottom line, creating a document and posting it online is meaningless from a legal point of view.

And you wonder why people don't take the movement seriously.

Now go back to your conspiracies about how the evil government blew up a bridge this week for dark and nefarious reasons...

5:14 PM

The Freedom Fellowship said...


The affidavit was entered and filed as a legal document with the court. It now "qualifies" as evidence unless rebutted.

What does this signify?

A friend of the Brown's offered the following in response to the question "what does this signify?":

1) THEY fired first.

2) THEY fired on an UNARMED civilian, running AWAY from the officers on PRIVATE property after committing NO crime.

3) THEY tried to flip & intimidate, and threaten him. THIS IS WHY THEY ABANDONED THE SEIZURE OF THE BROWNs.

Danny Riley has now sworn to the FACTS under OATH.

It's time to force the newspapers and others to QUESTION the GOVERNMENT!

Did THEY use ASSUALT WEAPONS to fire on, and attempt to KILL an unarmed citizen, without threat or provocation?


We know who's side you are on Tuva. You are against We The People. You are working/acting with/for the terrorists.

Read more here.