Wednesday, August 29, 2007

American Slaves: IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT!!

American Slaves: IF THE SHOE FITS, WEAR IT!!

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Persecution is what happens to Real Men living in a Sissified world ruled by Tyrants.

Real men scare people with their Boldness, their Directness, their Assurance.
They Understand they are Sovereign and have long since matriculated from the School of Hard Knocks, the life changing transition experienced by all who will no longer bow and scrape before their Satanic masters as obedient Slaves and are ready to take their rightful position as Masters of their own lives.

Such men and women are rare indeed. They stick out like a sore thumb, and by contrast, mirror the average degraded, Satanically conditioned civilized individual. The contrast is shocking for most and it angers many. You see people just don't like being viewed as slaves. That is why they wear so many masks just to get through the day, living out their scripted and predictable lives.

These hopeless, impotent, civilized individuals take offense at the drop of a hat. They can't help it. They sold their souls a long time ago for the comforts of security, the prized possession of all Satanic serving slaves.

How do you know whether one is a Sovereign or a Slave? Watch what they say. Then watch what they do. Do their actions match their words? Are they integral, at-one, resonating in Truth?

Look at yourselves. Look at every one you know. Your wife, husband, mother, father, children, friends, associates. Look at them with clear eyes, as for the first time. By their Actions, They shall be known. By your actions, Ye shall be known. Words are cheap. Opinions are cheap. Judgments from such disintegrated human beings are even cheaper.

How do you stand up? Does such unvarnished Truth upset you? Do you need the "spoonful of sugar" to help the medicine go down?

Truth is the most valuable gift, you shall ever receive. Do you regard it as a gift, when "if the shoe fits, wear it" resonates within your very being? In such case, who is doing the judgment? Surely if the shoe fits, is it not you who are the sole judge of such and inexplicable discovery?

There is a reason for my writing to you in this manner. It is not meant to insult anyone, but to shock your all out of your comfortable newest and latest hypnotic trance that you have not even been aware that you are under.

You are all playing the satanic game of "Positive Imaged Fellowship", but it is the Satanic fellowship of the damned.

How long has this Forum been up. It has seen tremendous growth since its beginnings, has it not? But what has materially changed in the lives of Ed and Elaine Brown since the beginning of this forum? They're still prisoners in their own home by a government which refuses to SHOW THEM THE LAW which convicted them.

Government is motivated by NUMBERS, not individuals. THEY OBEY NUMBERS, THEY KILL INDIVIDUALS.

Their Tyranny will stop only when the NUMBERS become so great as to openly expose their Satanic Game and remove them from their fortress, built upon NOTHING BUT EMPTY WORDS. What the hell is wrong with your people? Can you not see that simple fact?.

In my view, each of you see yourselves as "good people" but in that positive imaged "goodness" you have betrayed Ed and Elaine with your all talk and no walk. Your words are empty. Your actions are empty, your spirit is empty.

The Ed and Elaine Brown radio program on REPUBLIC BROADCASTING NETWORK (RBN) has betrayed Ed and Elaine by not paying attention to Ed and Elaine's Clearcut Solution. If you are a SOVEREIGN, then DAMMIT, act like a SOVEREIGN. Yet each of you have failed the test of SOVEREIGN as Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Nature men and women.

You, the listening audience, look for anything to distract you from the action that is necessary to stop the Death March to the New World Order. Ed has told you what to do. I have told you AD-INFINITUM what must be done.


Until Servant Government does what their MASTERS tell them to do, ACT LIKE THE SOVEREIGNS YOU ARE AND TURN YOUR BACKS ON GOVERNMENT. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT them. Refuse to cooperate in any and all phases of government, instead of allowing yourselves to be led around by that slavery ring in your noses, looking for any distraction to celebrate from your growing recognition of bondage.

Yes, I'm talking about deliberately programmed distractions of the Ed and Elaine program, using Ed and Elaine as a mind control focal point, while silly organizers look for anything and everything to celebrate, rather than act. The fact is that most of you are oblivious to what I am now referring. So let me make it clear.

Government will throw people in jail, but THEY WILL NOT SHOW THE LAW, NOR WILL THEY ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS regarding JURISDICTION over Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural men and women they have thrown in jail. As long as you are not the one being tossed into jail, what the HELL DO YOU CARE, EH?

You have been conditioned long ago to embrace the hypnotic suggestion, YOU CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL." You have accepted its insinuation into your undiscriminating consciousness and so you make a great show of things, but nothing really happens.

You're too busy Celebrating images and icons which have enslaved you, locked you into your political and social "busy work." Currently you're celebrating Ron Paul, a professional politician. And now, most recently you are even drawn into the CELEBRATION of Aaron Russo's Death. Men live. Men die. Must a man die, before you will act? What does that say about you?

You watch with great interest the busy work of Bob Schultz and "We the People Foundation" who play the "slave game" very well. They wouldn't know a Sovereign if one walked up and bit them in the behind. The Government plays the tune, and they dance to it. Endless, endless, meaningless legal actions which go nowhere because our government no longer follow God's Law, Common Law, or Constitutional Law. Hell, THE COURTS MAKE IT UP AS THEY GO ALONG. As for We the People, they are all show and no Go. They capitulate and play by the rules of their opponents. Who does not know by now that "those who make the rules win the game."

Have you noticed, Ed and Elaine don't play by the Rules of their Servant Government. Have you noticed that I don't play by the rules of my servant government? Why? Because we understand what it means to be a SOVEREIGN. We understand the True relationship between ourselves and government and WE DON'T PLAY THEIR GAME, unless they can SHOW US THE LAW AND SHOW US PROOF OF JURISDICTION.

Our words are our actions, our action are our words. WE live Truth, while you experience starved arm-chair quarterbacks merely speculate about it.

Harsh words, or DOES THE SHOE FIT??? You be the judge!

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

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Editor's Note: Ray acts like the thorns on a rosebush or a burr in the saddle. I don't judge or condemn him, but welcome his contribution to this discussion. I only wish there was some way for this message to awaken the masses from their slumber. The shoe doesn't fit.....yet Ray, but our feet keep growing.



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