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Since the dawn of man there has been a command structure throughout the animal kingdom. From alligators to monkeys, to wolves, to- fill in the blank-, there is always a command structure, ie dominant male then the dominant female, then the guards then the den watchers etc. etc. etc.. Like a bee hive has its command structure, I think it is an axiom to say everyone knows a bee hive has its Queen then on downward through the ranks.

Now man has a command structure too. The Egyptians used the symbol of the pyramid to symbolize its command structure with the Pharaoh at the top and the slaves at the bottom. Let’s remembers Egypt was a state with lots of slaves. That set up, with the pyramid type command structure, is a dictatorship, something Americans do not like or want. Now, our enemy uses this pyramid as one of its symbols, which if you take a good look around they are everywhere in our society. That is the enemies way of showing they are in control and supposed to energize their plans for world domination through symbolism, through their weird religion they follow.

The ingenious thing the founding fathers did was invert the pyramid with the tip on the bottom, and put the people (the masses) in control at the top and put who ever is regulating the people at the bottom and with the fewest numbers, thus creating total freedom for the sovereigns who just fought a bloody war with against the most powerful army in the world and threw off their monarch style of government. Now, today, our tradition of liberty has been lost to the international bankers who have righted the pyramid and now are in a position to slam the door on the cage of the American People. Plado said that the ultimate pyramid would have a ruling elite at the top with another command structure inside the ruling elite, beneath that would be security forces to separate the slaves from their rulers. The security forces would have a decent life with some decent benefits but they are slaves themselves too. The only free people, in this type of command structure, is the ruling elite. Now below the security forces are the slaves who live in misery and poverty and work just to stay alive.

This is the utopia these wackos are trying to achieve, Plado’s Pyramid. This is Americas worst nightmare. The international bankers write about their plans for world domination, more and more because they think they are at a point now where they can not be stopped even if they are exposed. Now, the one thing we have is numbers, like bees attacking a man. The bees are smaller and can be killed with a mere swat of the man’s hand but they attack in numbers and sting relentlessly till the man succumbs to the poison from the stings and dies. This scenario is what the international bankers fear, the masses taking up arms in defense of their country. It’s a battle they know they can not fend off and win.

Well if this is the one most important thing the international bankers fear then why are we not putting the fear into them like they have been doing to US the American People. Flying planes into buildings, blowing up buildings, burning buildings with American Men, woman and children in them and machine gunning them as they ran from the building, shooting an innocent woman in the head while holding a baby, stealing people’s money with the barrel of a gun using their phony IRS, knocking off brave patriots one by one. How much more can we take as a free people before we realize our freedom is a façade, a fake picture of reality drawn for you by the international bankers. Its time to wake up and take our destiny out of the hands of our representatives and turn the pyramid back upside down, the way it belongs in America, the way it was given to US by our founding fathers.

The people are at the top then our local governments, then our county, then our state then our federal governments, that is the proper chain of command. The people cannot fix this problem if their representatives are not doing their wishes. The people ask for an explanation to why they are not representing them properly and the people get no answer. Nice. Now the people must flex their might and make things right, and that is where we are in our nation’s history. My fellow countrymen and woman join in the fight to take back our republic which has fallen prey to the international bankers. It is either going to be the home of the brave or the home of the slave if we do not act now.

danny riley 8-5-07


Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

With all due respect, Danny, I don't believe that armed revolt would be successful.

In my opinion, nonviolent boycotting has a much better chance of drawing people to the cause and of being successful. I refer you to, and in particular, the video "Bursting the Bubbles of Government Deception".

I understand your zeal, though; I remember those same feelings when I was about your age...during the 1964 Goldwater campaign...shortly after the landslide victory by Johnson.

Throughout the years, several families have been in the EXACT same position as the Browns are now in...and no revolt ever materialized. Some of those people were killed by Government agents or local law enforcement
...and no revolt ever materialized.

I'm not trying to discourage you; nevertheless, Reality is Reality. We have a much better chance of getting people to peacefully stop participating in Government procedures than we do of getting folks to pick up arms. They can't put everyone in prison; that's impossible on several levels.


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