Tuesday, August 07, 2007


BY: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

The time for a Peaceful 2nd American Revolution is NOW!

There is no need for bloodshed.

There is no need for violence.

There is no need for Martial Law.

There is no need for Terrorism.

The need is for the Sovereign People who Are the True Government of these united states of America to act like the Sovereigns, the Masters they are, and hold their Public Servants accountable in a realistic manner, a Just manner. The time for talking is over. It is time for ACTION.

The key to Peace has always remained with the Peacemakers, not the war mongers, the
purveyors of Terrorism for profit, the corporate shadow that has insinuated itself into our previously Constitutional Republic and transformed it into what it is today.

Yet since Civilized man lost the good sense that God had given him, and plunged from the Grace of Divine Awareness into the depths of Satanic based Intellectualism, the societies of our world have never known a time where there was a lasting peace on earth. The remote controlling Satanist elitists have ruled the "sheeple" and kept them enslaved through force, fear, and mysticism.

All that can come to an end NOW!

When Satanic Lawyer servants are allowed to write the rules for their Masters to follow, the keys to Heaven become the keys to Hell and one with spiritual sight can see the definite demonic shift which overcomes the land. Justice becomes a Commercial endeavour of Slave trading by self-appointed Black-Robed Hypocrites, How and Why -- because their Satanic words say so.

The Sovereign People of America hold the power to bring Hell on Earth to a halt merely by realizing they hold the key to their own Liberation, physical and spiritual. They can take back their country anytime they want to. They only have to see the viability of the plan they undertake CLEARLY.

No man has the Right to appoint himself Dictator over the American People except for the inculcated Satanic Illusions which prevails in the mind of a man named Bush, and the Satanically mind Controlled People.

No man is above the law. No man stands above his Creator.

The natural pecking order has, is, and always shall be God the Creator stands over
Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural, Sovereign men and women, His Creation who stand as Sovereign People over Government, THEIR creation, which stands over their created, Fictional Juristic Persons corporate construct, their slaves.

That, Brothers and Sisters is the NATURE OF JURISDICTION.

Ed and Elaine Brown two Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Sovereign Children of God are being held hostage in their own home and layed seige to, by their "fictional" government servants who refused the Brown's Due
Process of Law, and the Right of theirs to demand that the actual law under which they are being prosecuted PRODUCED.

THE COURTS REFUSE TO PRODUCE THE LAW OR ANSWER THE QUESTION. They remained mute because the law they sought to convict the Browns with is a LAW WHICH HAS NEVER EXISTED.

Why, BECAUSE THERE ARE PRESENTLY NO LAWS which exists governing Living, Breathing,
Flesh-and Blood, Sentient Natural Men and Women. All law of the Fictional Administrative Courts (Unconstitutional) of our land pertain only to the limited legal construct of Fictional Juristic Corporate entities. Such Courts have no
ACTUAL JURISDICTION over the Living, Breathing,Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man
or Woman, but for the presumption of JURISDICTION as acting as sureties for the debts of the Debtor defendant. When such JURISDICTION is challenged, all legal proceedings must be stopped and JURISDICTION must be proved in writing by the courts/prosecution before prosecution may resume. THAT IS THE LAW A Law that is not followed in Today's Court System.

Enough is enough, is it not? Let the Cry across the land be "SHOW US THE LAW": "SHOW US YOUR JURISIDICTION."

Let a Nationwide phone calling campaign, letter writing, email begin where every freedom loving man or woman call their their State's governors, their Federal and State legislators, their attorney generals, judges and prosecuting District Attorneys and DEMAND an answer from them to the above two questions. If they are willing to answer the question, ask them if they will do it UNDER OATH OR AFFIDAVIT, then ask them again if they are willing to do it.

Surely there must be one such public servant to be found amongst thousands throughout our country who will answer those two questions if our government is to remain a Servant of the People and not its Tyrannical Master?

If after such an event, no answer is forthcoming. It is time to REMOVE THEM FROM
OFFICE and screw the rules they have written to protect them in their jobs.

That, my Brothers and Sisters WILL BE the PEACEFUL 2nd AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©



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