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Shaun Kranish Interviews Ed Brown Today

Editor's Note: Please help us to transcribe this conversation. Post whatever you can in the comments section. And be sure to share this information with the world. Thanks.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ed Vieira Jr. Live On RBN 10/15/07 2-4 PM CDT

Monday, October 15, 2007 Tim Wingate will be guest hosting on Michael Herzog’s Show the American Awakening on Republic Broadcasting Network. His guest will be Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. the author of Constitutional “Homeland Security.” Edwin Vieira, Jr., holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School).

For more than thirty years he has practiced law, with emphasis on constitutional issues. In the Supreme Court of the United States he successfully argued or briefed the cases leading to the landmark decisions Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, Chicago Teachers Union v. Hudson, and Communications Workers of America v. Beck, which established constitutional and statutory limitations on the uses to which labor unions, in both the private and the public sectors, may apply fees extracted from nonunion workers as a condition of their employment.

He has written numerous monographs and articles in scholarly journals, and lectured throughout the county. His most recent work on money and banking is the two-volume Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution (2002), the most comprehensive study in existence of American monetary law and history viewed from a constitutional perspective.

He is also the co-author (under a nom de plume) of the political novel CRA$HMAKER: A Federal Affaire (2000), a not-so-fictional story of an engineered crash of the Federal Reserve System, and the political upheaval it causes.

His latest book is: "How To Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary" ... and Constitutional "Homeland Security," Volume One, The Nation in Arms...


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Comments About "Blog author receives uninvited guests from the gov"

Scott Haley said...

Well said...

Unless someone is advocating the violent overthrow of the Govt, their agents have NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER detaining a person for expressing an opinion.

1984 truly has arrived.

Boycott the Corporatocracy whenever possible.

12:47 AM

TruePatriot said...

The (Federal) government is out of control & at behemoth proportions. It is feverishly striving to sustain itself. It knows that We The People are privy to its insidious conduct & nefarious existence...

1:05 AM

YankeesPie said...

I feel exactly the opposite; I intend to speak out MORE and LOUDER! I only wish I had done more to support the Browns. I know am a good person! I'm good to Old people, kids and Animals. I do as I will as long as I hurt no others! I don't need the Bible or the Government to tell me how to behave! I use my OWN eyes and the good sense I was born with to evaluate a situation. "My Parents taught me right from wrong"! If only more people would use the TOOLS given them, we wouldn't be in the mess we are today! So if the Marshall's don't have anything better to do with their time, than harass good decent AMERICAN people.. I believe we should be taking their names and badges and asking why OUR hard earn money is paying their wages for such nonsense!

9:13 AM

Editor's Note: Yesterday as we were on the Republic Broadcasting show with Tim Wingate, Szandor Blestman - and others in the second 1/2 hour - a helicopter (red underside, white uppper) circled and went over our home several times here in the Chicago area. Now we are not sure there was any connection between us/me and this experience, but this went on for at least 5-10 minutes at levels that were very low - only about 3-4 times higher that the surrounding trees and only when I reported this on the air did the helicopter finally go away. Very strange....

We The People are tired of the Federal Government constantly geting in our way - ie. restricting, limiting, dividing and polarizing the time, trust and energy of average good Americans. As Dave Kopel wrote in this morning's Nation Review Online, about the premise of Ron Paul's campaign, "Hope For America" as follows:

“Hope for America” and its premise is that the American people are good people who can achieve the best for themselves, their families, their community, and their nation when the federal government gets out of the way and stops behaving like a helicopter mother."


Monday, October 08, 2007

Nelson Mandella's "Freedom Train" Left The Station In 1947, Too!

Editor's Note: As you read this information, please think about and pray for Ed and Elaine Brown. They have proven themselves to be engineers for this great "New American Freedom Train" that is calling ALL Americans to climb aboard as we receive, share and celebrate what the true meaning of freedom and liberty is in this great country.

Please be sure to visit "Freedom Force International" and read, share and celebrate "The Creed Of Freedom" written by G. Edward Griffin, who wrote the classic book, The Creature From Jekyl Island.

At the height of the Second World War a small group of young Africans, members of the African National Congress, banded together under the leadership of Anton Lembede. Among them were William Nkomo, Walter Sisulu, Oliver R. Tambo, Ashby P. Mda and Nelson Mandela. Starting out with 60 members, all of whom were residing around the Witwatersrand, these young people set themselves the formidable task of transforming the ANC into a mass movement, deriving its strength and motivation from the unlettered millions of working people in the towns and countryside, the peasants in the rural areas and the professionals.

Their chief contention was that the political tactics of the old guard' leadership of the ANC, reared in the tradition of constitutionalism and polite petitioning of the government of the day, were proving inadequate to the tasks of national emancipation. In opposition to the old guard', Lembede and his colleagues espoused a radical African Nationalism grounded in the principle of national self-determination. In September 1944 they came together to found the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL).

Mandela soon impressed his peers by his disciplined work and consistent effort and was elected to the Secretaryship of the Youth League in 1947. By painstaking work, campaigning at the grassroots and through its mouthpiece Inyaniso' (Truth) the ANCYL was able to canvass support for its policies amongst the ANC membership. At the 1945 annual conference of the ANC, two of the League s leaders, Anton Lembede and Ashby Mda, were elected onto the National Executive Committee (NEC). Two years later another Youth League leader, Oliver R Tambo became a member of the NEC.

Click here for more.


All Aboard The Freedom Train: Ed and Elaine Brown Are In The Engineers Cabin

Editor's Note: As you read this information, please think about and pray for Ed and Elaine Brown. They have proven themselves to be engineers for this great "New American Freedom Train" that is calling ALL Americans to climb aboard as we receive, share and celebrate what the true meaning of freedom and liberty is in this great country.

Please be sure to visit "Freedom Force International" and read, share and celebrate "The Creed Of Freedom" written by G. Edward Griffin, who wrote the classic book, The Creature From Jekyl Island.


The 1947 - 1949 Freedom Train was conceived as an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of American citizenship at a time when the nation was finding a new and central role in world affairs. Americans had experienced a decade of pre-war economic Depression. They made sacrifices in foreign lands throughout World War II. They were entering an age of post-war prosperity with opportunities unknown in all of human history. And they were unsure of the reassurances at the sudden dawn of the nuclear age and Soviet expansion into countries just liberated from fascist oppression in Europe and Asia.

With President Harry Truman in the lead, some in the national government believed Americans should pause and reflect, to experience a "rededication" to the principles that founded their country.

President Truman loved trains, and his use of the "whistle stop" campaign train still epitomizes this icon of the electoral process. Attorney General Tom Clark and his staff proposed a train that would travel to communities in every state of the nation, taking with it dozens of "documents of liberty."

The result, they hoped, would enable Americans to rediscover for themselves just how hard-won their freedoms were. Clearly, they hoped to enable personal reconciliations with the still-fresh sacrifices and human costs of war, and to impart a sense of meaning and worth to those sacrifices.


October 8, 1947: The American Freedom Train's Date With Providence

Sixty years ago today, The Freedom Train left Connecticut and stopped in Providence Rhode Island. The Divine Providence must be sending us a message for on the day Ed and Elaine were kidnapped/captured against their will the Freedom Train stopped in Hartford Connecticut en route from Waterbury (10/3) and Bridgeport (10/2). Elaine Brown was brought to Danbury - which is located very close to Hartford - where she began serving her 63 month sentence for breaking a law that the government still - to this day - refuses to show We The People.

American Freedom Train stops in 1947:

October 4, 1947 - Hartford CT
October 5, 1947 - New Haven, CT
October 7. 1947 - New London, CT
October 8, 1947 - Providence, RI

The 1976 "American Freedom Train" Bicentennial

The triumph of the steam-powered American Freedom Train was, indeed, the only nationwide celebration of the Bicentennial. It was pulled by steam locomotives in the age of the diesel, and would improve on the three display cars of its predecessor, the 1947 Freedom Train. The American Freedom Train would feature twelve display cars, ten that visitors would go aboard and pass through and two to hold large objects that would be viewed from the ground through huge "showcase" windows. The display cars were filled with over 500 precious treasures of Americana. Included in these diverse artifacts were George Washington's copy of the Constitution, the original Louisiana Purchase, Judy Garland's dress from The Wizard of OZ, Joe Frazier's boxing trunks, Martin Luther King's pulpit and robes, and even a rock from the moon.

The American Freedom Train (AFT) was a 26-car train led by one of three enormous steam engines restored just for the occasion. Over a 21 month period from April 1, 1975 to December 31, 1976 more than 7 million Americans visited the train during its tour of all 48 contiguous states. Tens of millions more stood trackside to see it go by. It was by far the greatest event on rails since the end of the steam era, and the uniquely magnificent vehicle that brought America's Bicentennial celebration to the people.

Click here to read more.


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Please Call The Marshals To Locate Ed!!

We would like everyone who can to give the U.S. Marshal's office in New Hampshire a call and ask them to locate Ed. Ask why Ed has not been handed over to to the Federal Bureau of Prisons yet. Ask them how Ed is being treated, if he has been hospitalized, if he's still alive even (we have no way of knowing), if he is being submitted to "diesel therapy" as described in the last post we made.

Take down names, employee numbers, dates/times to reference the call, whatever you can to have a record! DEMAND for answers! They've got Ed like they always wanted, why isn't he handed over to the prison? WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO HIM? HOW IS HE BEING TREATED?!?!

We don't and can't give legal advice of any kind. We believe it may be perfectly "legal" or lawful to record your conversations with the Marshal's office if you tell them that you are recording. If you do, you can send us the sound file or post it on the Internet somewhere.

WE NEED A RECORD. Please read the story below about former Congressman George Hansen to see what we mean by diesel therapy!!!.

U.S. Marshall''s office 603-225-1632

Where Are Ed and Elaine? Is Ed being TORTURED?
We think we may have located Elaine:

We still show that Ed is "NOT IN BOP (BUREAU OF PRISONS) CUSTODY"

Could Ed be currently subjected to "Diesel therapy" or some other form of torture? It's EASY to torture prisoners through purposeful neglect and mistreatment.


The harassment and torture that befell Congressman Hansen came from prison officials, in the form of neglect for serious medical problems and health hazards in the prison work place. The torture also came from the Federal Marshals who cruelly transported him from one prison to another.

Political prisoners (ED: Political prisoners? In America?? You betcha!!!) and those who are considered trouble makers arc given what prisoners call, "diesel therapy". "Diesel therapy" consists of being put on diesel busses or airplanes and being transported from prison to prison for weeks and months at a time (ED: ALL at the expense of the taxpayers!).

On the surface it sounds benign. What could be the problem with making a prisoner ride in a bus for hours at a time?

Torture American Style

Before the prisoner is put on the bus, he is put in handcuffs and shackles (leg irons). The handcuffs are tightened by a black box that stiffens the chains and puts the wrists in a 90 degree bind that painfully cuts circulation and damages the nerves. It takes several weeks for the circulation and nerves to return to normal. The handcuffs are connected with chains to a waist chain, which is in turn connected by another chain to the shackles which go around the ankles The prisoner can barely move once the shackling process is complete.

He is then placed in a small seat on a bus or airplane. (ED: George Hansen is a BIG man, standing well over 6'-3" and -- before his ordeal -- tipping the scales at well over 220 pounds.) Because of the shackles, the prisoner is forced to sit in one position for up to 20 hours at a time. And the guards will rarely go to the trouble of unshackling a prisoner. Prisoners who understand "diesel therapy" know that "fasting" is the only way to handle the ordeal without messing or wetting yourself.

But even those who are smart enough to abstain from food and drink, still have to suffer the stench of urine and feces which soon fills the bus or plane.

One other painful aspect of diesel therapy is the shoes that prisoners are forced to wear. They become too small. The cramped position and tight shackles cause the feet and ankles to swell. The shackles cut into the legs and cut off circulation. The blood pools in the feet and causes the feet to swell. The toes are forced up against the tops of the too small shoes, and unbelievable pressure is put on the toenails. The toenails soon become deformed, infected and painful.

Each day the metal shackles are put back onto raw and infected legs before the prisoner boards the bus. After weeks and months of diesel therapy, the ankles and shins have raw, infected and open wounds that will not heal.

Hour after hour, the prisoner sits in a cramped & painful position, with shackles cutting into already infected, raw flesh. Arthritis and bursitis compound the misery of the prisoners. The ingrown, infected toenails, which are jammed inside of purposely small shoes, cripple the prisoner to the point that he can barely walk or move when he is finally released from the shackles.

During the weeks and months of diesel therapy, the prisoner is out of contact with the rest of the world. In the case of Congressman Hansen, his wife did not know if he was dead or alive. His lawyer could not find him and therefore could not file court papers on time. Even the members of congress who were still trying to help him, could not locate him. During his diesel therapy" he disappeared into the black hole dug and run by the United States Marshals.

After "diesel therapy", Hansen was forced to operate on his feet himself. His toenails were so deformed that they pointed straight up. He could not wear shoes without excruciating pain. The only remedy that was open to him was to pull the toenails out by the roots. Our prisoners of war in SE Asia had their fingernails and toenails pulled out by their torturers. Congressman Hansen had to become his own torturer in an effort to stop the pain.

Several weeks ago, Congressman Hansen was testifying before his former colleagues in the House of Representatives. He told the story of his trip into Iran during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979. He was the only United States official to get into Iran to try to negotiate an end to the crisis.

While he was there, he was shown the horrible human suffering that was inflicted upon the Iranian people by the Shah of Iran and his secret police.

He told his former colleagues about the horrors of the Shah's torture chambers. Ankles that had been smashed by heavy clubs. Legs that had been smashed and permanently scarred. Hands and feet that had no nails because they were repeatedly pulled out.

Then he stood up and walked around in front of his table. Leaning lightly on the table, he pulled up his pant leg and showed his former colleagues the raw, red scars on his own legs -- scars that stretched many inches, from his ankles up his shin bones. He told his former colleagues about his toenails, which have never grown back properly. He ended his "show and tell" session by informing the House that they did not have to travel to foreign countries to witness torture. All they had to do is visit any American prison and they would quickly find the effects of purposeful abuse and neglect on certain prisoners.

If his former colleagues have any sense, they will quickly reform the prison system, before any more of them end up there.

The scars on his legs and the lack of toenails were minor problems for Hansen. The major pain came from his teeth and deteriorating bones. These problems came from hazardous chemicals he was forced to work around during his job assignment in the prison power plant. The chemicals caused his bones to weaken and his teeth to become infected and turn to mush. (ED: Where oh where is OSHA and the EPA when ya' REALLY need 'em?). The pain' of abscessed teeth was unbearable. To be able to function each day, without even an aspirin to dull the pain, he picked up a plastic cap used to splice electric wires. He placed the cap in the infected area and bit down on it all day and night.

During his four years in prison, he lost most of his teeth through willful neglect on the part of the prison officials.

Hansen was forced to sell his homes in Virginia and Idaho. Everything he and his wife had accumulated during years of hard work went to lawyers or to pay the fine. Even though his retirement was not supposed to be touched, through some nefarious deal, it was tapped to pay fines, thereby denying his wife the means to live. She was approaching sixty, had a heart condition and diabetes, but she was put out of her home and didn't even have the money to rent an apartment. With the help of their children and a job, she just barely made ends meet until Hansen was released.
They are now in their 60s and they are starting over with nothing. He still has health problems associated with prison life, and still needs further dental work. He drives a leased Honda and lives with his wife in a rented apartment in Pocatello, Idaho.

Labels: Provides A Supportive Report On The Browns

Ed and Elaine Brown arrested in New Hampshire

Saturday, October 6th, 2007Presidential hopeful Ron Paul agrees with the Browns' plight, and compares them to Ghandi!

The couple that gained fame or infamy (depending on who you ask?) were taken into custody on Thursday night, after a five-month standoff with police and over a decade of refusing to pay their taxes. Authorities say they were taken peacefully from their Plainfield, New Hampshire home, although Brown supporters are asking for "proof of life" and are calling it a kidnapping by the "Feds."

The Browns haven't paid taxes since 1996, and were convicted of federal tax charges on January 18th. They were not present in court for their April sentencing, where they were given 63 months (5 1/4 years) federal prison term. They gained media interest and thousands of supporters for their stance that there is no law that makes the average American liable for being taxed on their income. They holed up in their home and refused to surrender, keeping weapons for defense, and getting power from a wind turbine generator and solar panels. They filed 42 motions in Concord, New Hampshire's U.S. District Court, which were all denied.

Visitors to the Brown residence were prohibited; a notice was given by the U.S. Marshals Service stating that anyone who entered or remained on the property without their authorization would be criminally prosecuted.

A fan/supporter profile on for Ed and Elaine Brown posted this message from Elaine on September 28th:

"Ed and I have said 'enough,' and even though we are currently unable to leave our home without risking being unlawfully assaulted by the federalies, we are more free now than we have ever been, as we have boycotted any and all government claims on us. At the same time the government has unlawfully attacked us by terminating our electricity, internet access, television satellite, telephone, and mail (the federal marshalls keep all mail that is sent to us.) The federal marshalls have said they know we have broken no laws, but they will come against us when ordered to."

Click here to visit


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Conference Call With Bob Schulz

Date: Oct 1, 2007 2:58 PM
Subject: Important California Conference Call Tomorrow Nite w/We The People's Bob Schulz!
To: ,

Here's a very important Conference Call that is going to be hosted tomorrow night by a group called California Volunteers and its Coordinator, Henry Nicolle (the group who organized the event out at Simi Valley.). Spread this far and wide to all the people on your lists nationwide:


California Volunteers Conference Call -- Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 7:00 PM PST (10:00 PM EST, 9:00 PM CST)

Everyone in the country is welcome . . . Please invite your friends and lists to join us on this very important call!

Bob Schulz of We The People will be our honored guest and bring us up to date on the recently filed, historic "National Clean Elections Lawsuit (N-CEL), which is intended to take back our elections...and our country. Bob is the suit's author and lead plaintiff.

The phone number for the call is (605) 990-0700 and the access code is 513986#.

Please press 6 to mute your microphone if you are not actually talking. Press 6 to un-mute and talk.

Winning this lawsuit is probably the most important voting action we have had since the elimination of poll-taxes and women's suffrage. The court will expedite the action so that the decision will apply starting with the Iowa Caucus...set to take place in just in 97 days.

Currently the N-CEL involves 10 states, but is being expanded this week to include all 50 states, so if you wish to join the suit as a plaintiff from one of the remaining 40 states, or wish to be added as a plaintiff from a state that is already on the suit, you do not want to miss this call!! Help take back America by cleaning up our elections with the National Clean Elections Lawsuit!!

Learn the truth about the fraudulent income tax. Learn to defend your self against their allegations at: or (209) 966-7040

Remember these statements:
"When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government [or the IRS, for that matter], you have Tyranny."
(Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States)

The less people know about what is really going on, the easier it is to wield power and authority.
(Prince of Wales Charles)

Jack Bauer