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All Aboard The Freedom Train: Ed and Elaine Brown Are In The Engineers Cabin

Editor's Note: As you read this information, please think about and pray for Ed and Elaine Brown. They have proven themselves to be engineers for this great "New American Freedom Train" that is calling ALL Americans to climb aboard as we receive, share and celebrate what the true meaning of freedom and liberty is in this great country.

Please be sure to visit "Freedom Force International" and read, share and celebrate "The Creed Of Freedom" written by G. Edward Griffin, who wrote the classic book, The Creature From Jekyl Island.


The 1947 - 1949 Freedom Train was conceived as an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of American citizenship at a time when the nation was finding a new and central role in world affairs. Americans had experienced a decade of pre-war economic Depression. They made sacrifices in foreign lands throughout World War II. They were entering an age of post-war prosperity with opportunities unknown in all of human history. And they were unsure of the reassurances at the sudden dawn of the nuclear age and Soviet expansion into countries just liberated from fascist oppression in Europe and Asia.

With President Harry Truman in the lead, some in the national government believed Americans should pause and reflect, to experience a "rededication" to the principles that founded their country.

President Truman loved trains, and his use of the "whistle stop" campaign train still epitomizes this icon of the electoral process. Attorney General Tom Clark and his staff proposed a train that would travel to communities in every state of the nation, taking with it dozens of "documents of liberty."

The result, they hoped, would enable Americans to rediscover for themselves just how hard-won their freedoms were. Clearly, they hoped to enable personal reconciliations with the still-fresh sacrifices and human costs of war, and to impart a sense of meaning and worth to those sacrifices.


October 8, 1947: The American Freedom Train's Date With Providence

Sixty years ago today, The Freedom Train left Connecticut and stopped in Providence Rhode Island. The Divine Providence must be sending us a message for on the day Ed and Elaine were kidnapped/captured against their will the Freedom Train stopped in Hartford Connecticut en route from Waterbury (10/3) and Bridgeport (10/2). Elaine Brown was brought to Danbury - which is located very close to Hartford - where she began serving her 63 month sentence for breaking a law that the government still - to this day - refuses to show We The People.

American Freedom Train stops in 1947:

October 4, 1947 - Hartford CT
October 5, 1947 - New Haven, CT
October 7. 1947 - New London, CT
October 8, 1947 - Providence, RI

The 1976 "American Freedom Train" Bicentennial

The triumph of the steam-powered American Freedom Train was, indeed, the only nationwide celebration of the Bicentennial. It was pulled by steam locomotives in the age of the diesel, and would improve on the three display cars of its predecessor, the 1947 Freedom Train. The American Freedom Train would feature twelve display cars, ten that visitors would go aboard and pass through and two to hold large objects that would be viewed from the ground through huge "showcase" windows. The display cars were filled with over 500 precious treasures of Americana. Included in these diverse artifacts were George Washington's copy of the Constitution, the original Louisiana Purchase, Judy Garland's dress from The Wizard of OZ, Joe Frazier's boxing trunks, Martin Luther King's pulpit and robes, and even a rock from the moon.

The American Freedom Train (AFT) was a 26-car train led by one of three enormous steam engines restored just for the occasion. Over a 21 month period from April 1, 1975 to December 31, 1976 more than 7 million Americans visited the train during its tour of all 48 contiguous states. Tens of millions more stood trackside to see it go by. It was by far the greatest event on rails since the end of the steam era, and the uniquely magnificent vehicle that brought America's Bicentennial celebration to the people.

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