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Former Phoenix Police Officer, Jack McLamb, On The Constitution vs. The NWO

Officer Jack McLamb (ret.) has the distinction of being the highest decorated police officer in the history of Phoenix, Arizona who is now residing in a Constitutional Community in northern Idaho. Jack is founder of the American Citizen and Lawmens Association (ACLA),and publisher of Aid & Abet Police and Military Newsletter. Jack hopes to awaken all of his brothers in law enforcement to the coming tyranny of the NWO. "The Constitution vs The New World Order" Seminar on November 18-20th 1994 - Las Vegas. Jack McLamb's 2hour Speech now available on DVD & Audio CDs.

Jack McLamb Interview – Sunday before Thanksgiving 1994 at the Italian American Club in Las Vegas

Mr. Doherty:
What brings you to Las Vegas today Jack?

Jack McLamb: I was invited down to speak. About 15 years ago I started a publication called “Aid And Abet Police Newsletter” – Constitutional issues for lawmen - still publish that publication today and very active in trying to educate lawmen in their understanding of their oath of office that they took to the people to defend the Constitution and so forth.

Mr. Doherty: How do see a need for teaching Constitutional law to sworn officers who should be receiving this traning from their departments sir?

Jack McLamb: It’s very sad because of course their first duty is to uphold their oath of office and that oath reads that they have sworn to protect the Constitution of the united States, the people, their liberties and rights and their property and their person. Well it’s difficult for officers to protect people’s rights when we don’t know what they are. And so you would think that the first line of business would be for them to be trained in their Constitutional duties,but of course they are not today. The Constitution by our government is looked at as old and antiquated and out of date and so we’re not given that training anymore. So it is sad that private – or let’s say individual – police officers and people in private sector have to take over this duty of trying to educate their lawmen who are supposed to be their servants in what their duties are.

Mr. Doherty: Seems to me Mr. McLamb that a police officer working the streets of the city and reporting to his sargent, his Lieutenant and his Captain sometimes has to give a thought for his job, his paycheck and his career and the Constitution might come second. How do you work the two together.

Jack McLamb: It’s very very difficult because of course they, the government, prefers that the police officer worry about his job, his pension and don’t think anything about the Constitution – just do what he’s told regardless of what that is. And so it’s very unpopular to teach the Constitution in that they sworn an oath to the people and to protect the people and not to protect the system from the people.



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