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The Revolution and Ron Paul: 100 Years In The Making

By Bill Price

Many years ago, a very courageous Congressman, Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., introduced a resolution to have certain shady monetary practices investigated. These “monetary practices” were known back then to belong to a group called the “Money Trust”. Pressure from Congressman Lindbergh forced J. Pierpont Morgan, the wealthiest banker in the world, and Jacob Schiff, arguably the wealthiest financer in New York at the time, to make appearances before the U.S. Congress and do some explaining. Mr. Schiff, under oath, told the Congressional committee, in substance: “…If individuals can accomplish a monopoly (he believed) they should not be hampered by law!” -Banking and Currency and the Money Trust, Charles A. Lindberg, Sr. Mr. Schiff stated before the committee that he never lent money to anyone he did not personally know, no matter how good their securities were. In other words, Jacob was not an equal opportunity lender. Unless you would lick Mr. Schiff’s boots, you would remain on the outside looking in. The “revolution” that people are now attributing to Dr. Paul, was actually started almost 100 years ago by Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. Lindbergh was mainly elected to Congress by the farmers from his district in Minnesota. The farmers believed they were getting the shaft from private money lenders/creators, the “Money Trust”.

Dirty Political “Maneuvering” and Crimes

“In the spring of 1918, according to Lindbergh’s law partner, Walter Quigley, government agents entered the plant where Your Country at War was being printed and ordered the owner to destroy all the plates of the book and an earlier book Banking and Currency and the Money Trust, and all copies of both books. A few thousand copies of the former had already been printed and shipped to Minnesota, but the rest were destroyed…” -The Last Hero, Walter S. Ross.

Moving the clock forward to the 1990’s will demonstrate that political “maneuvering” is still used, although more sophisticated, they produce the same dirty results. For example, Candice Miller, Michigan’s Secretary of State conspired with Perry Spencer, Chairman of the Michigan Reform Party, to keep Pat Buchanan off the ballot in the presidential race. Mr. Spencer disappeared Saturday evening after the Reform Party convention with all the convention documents verifying Buchanan as the party’s presidential nominee. Those documents had to be presented to Secretary of State Miller by the following Tuesday morning in order for Buchanan to be placed on Michigan’s ballot cards. Mr. Spencer could not be found for over a week and was allegedly “distracted” by a farm accident involving his son. Many of the District Chairmen, such as myself, implored Miller to give a little time for discovery (what went wrong?), but she meticulously enforced the filing deadline, thus thwarting possibly millions of voters by keeping Mr. Buchanan off the ballot. Today, thanks to the internet, such dirty tricks are immediately reported and scrutinized by internet organizers. Now, millions of folks get the word, despite media “neglect”. Congressman Paul is no exception. As a candidate who is willing to go toe to toe with the international banking cartel (Money Trust) the Hon. Paul already has and will feel the weight of dirty politics. Now that we are connected via the web, we can do our part to make sure Dr. Paul is not ignored or tricked into a position of default by the good old boys and girls in the “Grand Old Party”. Although, like me, many are not entirely in lockstep with Mr. Paul. I am completely unimpressed with Rudy and John and Mitt and the entire field of candidates that have made Ron Paul look like a giant. As far as I can tell, Ron Paul is the only candidate that realizes we (USA) are a Republic, not an Empire.

The Christian Vote

Ron Paul, understandably, will be the benefactor of a lot of Christian votes, not necessarily because he is against what they are all against, but because he does not and will not advocate what they oppose. According to Paul’s voting record he will not sign bills allowing the public’s money to be involved in things like abortion and Planned Parenthood clinics. Most ordinary Christians will find it acceptable to vote for a man whose record impeccably demonstrates that he can be trusted to keep their money away from modern social engineering projects, like human extermination clinics. But, the ice may be a little thin for some Christians that consider Mr. Paul’s silence as tacit approval for some of the social positions they oppose. In law, he who is silent consents… “Qui Tacit Consentire”. This is obviously not always the case in politics. Ron Paul knows Government does not have any valid business in many social arenas. Still, people will draw conclusions from available facts, or in this case, lack of facts.

Today, if Ron Paul were not in the Republican field, I would have no reason to bother with a primary ballot card. At least now I have a reason to go and pop a chad or two out on Election Day. I’m not gaga over Dr. Paul like so many of today’s abused voters seem to be. I remember when people were bringing their copies of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” to Dominos Farms for Pat Buchanan to autograph. Pat had interviewed G. Edward Griffin, the book’s author and openly let his agreement with Dr. Griffin’s assertions on private money creation be known; the Federal Reserve Bank (private, for profit control money creation) must go in order to preserve our fast disappearing middle class. Ron Paul appears to understand this completely and his candidacy gives us Christians and others a chance at a real solution to the problem.

The Spirit of USA and Answered Prayers

Like many, I have been disappointed at the lack of credible presidential candidates, but our prayers have not gone entirely unanswered. We had the privilege of choosing between Pat Buchanan and Howard Phillips. Also, we had our chance to vote for Anthony Peroutka, twice. Today I’m relived that Ron Paul is in the race. For Pat, Howard and Anthony, there were two insurmountable problems besides the obvious financial ones: 1) they were not sufficiently supported by their largest constituencies, Christians, and 2) they were not beneficiaries as Congressman Paul is, of a mature internet. The 100 year old revolution is culminating just as one would envision; people revolting against old systems held in place by good old boys and their sycophant partners in the dominant media. Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. would have loved to have seen the “Spirit of USA” and Texas Congressman, Ron Paul in the cockpit. The internet is our new watchdog and the word is out. Paul’s foreign policy, another of his strong suits, sounds much like the one articulated by another torch bearer, Pat Buchanan, in “A Republic Not an Empire”. Congressman Paul gets it, and is the only one in the field today carrying the centennial torch lit by Charles Lindberg, Sr. 100 years ago.

Constitutional Stipulations

Ron Paul is miles ahead of the Republican competition. The others don’t seem to know that we live in a Republic. Paul’s competition apparently does not care about the limiting features imposed on officialdom by our Constitution. By the undeniable evidence in his voting record, Paul first and foremost understands his sacred civil obligations to uphold this Constitution’s limiting features on taxes, war, welfare, etc. Paul understands that his authority and power derives from Constitutional stipulations. Elected officials must swear an oath to the Constitution and the laws made in pursuant of it before serving or even assuming the “public trust”. If these oaths were seriously honored, foreign fiascos, such as this “conflict” in Iraq would have never happened. The President has no authority to declare war, Congress does. But Congress, like our President, appear to be depending on fuzzy ideas about “Democracy” and a media which consistently leaves pertinent facts out of issues that pacify/confuse the public.

The Real Problem: “Too much of a good thing.”

We are not a government by the people, of the people, or for the people any longer because we are not represented by ordinary people. The evidence of this statement can be found in the fact that we no longer have representation that is representative. What does that mean? It means we have virtually no farmers, carpenters, electricians, nurses, mechanics, etc. for representatives. If we had one fourth as many electricians in our Congress today as we do lawyers, the press would claim that the government has been hijacked by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The Judiciary Committee, like the full Congress, is nearly all lawyers. Lawyers are not the only people “competent” to be on the Judiciary committee. The evidence for that statement is two fold: 1) At one time our Congress had very few lawyers as members, and now there are very few members who are not lawyers and 2) Current conditions demonstrate how well this fraternity of the American Bar members have done their jobs in Congress. The proof is in the pudding. Our government, for the most part, is being run by the “money trust” and a bunch of elitists. Most of these elites of which I speak come from our nation’s law schools. You know what they say about too much of a good thing?

Bill Price


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