Monday, July 23, 2007

The New Battle Cry of the Second American Revolution

The New Battle Cry of the Second American Revolution: SHOW US THE LAW, SHOW US YOUR JURISDICTION, OR WE SHOW YOU THE JAIL!

By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

American's, have you had enough? Do you want to take back your country?

Do you want to live without fear, without confusion, without contradiction?

Do you want your public servants to serve you, not tyrannize you?

Then wake up to the power that you already hold in your hands, the hands of the Sovereign People.

You are the Sovereigns. The Government is your servant. It works for you. Not you for it.

You have been unrelentingly and systematically duped with words -- the Satanic approach of Mind Control. It has accomplished its lawyer-like agenda by using words that are NOT Law, but are based in "Color of Law." -- Corporate policies which masquerade as law.

STOP the confusion which keeps you in fear. Ed and Elaine Brown of Plainfield New Hampshire have shown you the way to Freedom, a return to Sovereignty. Their tactic? They walked out of court, mid-trial. They, in essence, BOYCOTTED the court until the court could produced the law that claimed they, the Browns, must pay income tax. Their demand of "SHOW ME THE LAW" has been unyielding and is growing in momentum throughout our country, especially after jury acquittals of others who have made the same demand -- "SHOW ME THE LAW".

I, Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, have shown you the way in my two bogus Unconstitutional, Administrative Court Trials (Josephine County, Oregon Criminal Court Case Numbers 02CR0617 and 03CR0170), which demanded the courts answer the questions: "SHOW ME YOUR JURISDICTION."

Although the bogus courts convicted me of 7 counts of PAPER TERRORISM, they soon THREW ME OUT OF JAIL. Since and to this day, I continue to do the very same actions which accounted for their bogus convictions, THEY REFUSE TO COME AFTER ME; for if they did, they would have to answer the questions of JURISDICTION, which they have evaded since 2002.

You have seen Justice in these two cases. It does not come from the Corrupt courts of our land, it comes from WE THE PEOPLE.

Ed and Elaine Brown and I have shown that the corporate law of man DOES NOT HAVE THE TEETH IT PURPORTS TO HAVE when it comes to dealing with, or coercively asserting jurisdiction, over Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Men and Women, Sovereign under God.

Their bluff was called on these two occasions, and these Courts of Mammon were STOPPED COLD IN THEIR SATANIC TRACKS. Lady Justice who stands over, and represents the courts of man is a TOOTHLESS HAG!!

Now it's up to you, the People of America. Do you want to be the Sovereign People you once were, or do you embrace your new status of Corporate Slaves?

Take back your country. Do it Nonviolently. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. Back that up with the Resounding Cry heard throughout the Nation: SHOW US THE LAW!1. SHOW US YOUR JURISDICTION!!

If necessary, do it with a gun on your hip. No government can STRIP AWAY your God-given UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO LIFE, which includes self-defense, especially the same government which threatens its own people with hunches of "Terrorist Attacks" and will allow it to declare WAR on the Sovereign People through Martial Law.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

Editor's Note: I hope you can somehow tone down some of your other offerings - loosen up the collar. This piece is more focused which is why it was posted.


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