Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here's the latest on the Brown's..

I just received this from my good friends, the Flynn's. I wanted to share with all of you, the paperwork they've done for the Brown's

Dear Mike,

We were first apprised of the situation at the Browns at sometime around 2:30 am, today, followed by another one around 3:30 am. We do not know how many people were present at the Browns' home when this occurred, but obviously, this appears to be a show of force by the feds. As many supporters as possible should try to make their way to the Browns at this crucial time to show the feds that the American People will not be intimidated by these Nazi-style tactics, obviously intended to scatter the Browns' supporters, further isolate the Browns and alarm their local neighborhoods.

As you may know, after the Los Angeles seminar, we traveled to and met with the Browns, and did a live radio program from their home with them and with Randy Weaver, who had arrived in New Hampshire the previous day. The show was broadcast over' s Higher Ground Live, with Pastor Massad as the host, and on re-broadcast, we understand that it reached approximately 5 to 6 million people. At the Browns' home, we also met your friend, Danny Romero, of the We, the People Network, and we had previously spoken with him several times when he worked with John Stadtmiller.

Attached are a Writ of Remonstrance and language in support of a pardon that was birthed at that L.A. seminar and should be exposed to as many people as possible, who, in turn, should do the following:

1. Submit these documents to their own congressional delegation, in support of the Browns;

2. Send these documents to the New Hampshire governor, A.G. and the N.H. congressional delegation, as well as other politicians in N.H. to demonstrate that the Browns have the support of hopefully millions of Americans across this Nation.

The People who send the documents should also state in their own letters to these congressional delegations:

The Browns are patriotic American Citizens who are simply claiming and exercising their Constitutional Rights, which cannot be converted into a crime. However, that is exactly what the govt is doing, and apparently, now, is using military-style force and weapons to prevent Citizens from claiming and exercising their Constitutional Rights. This is not what America, theoretically, stands for. Therefore, congressmen/women, senators, and other public officers, take heed of the documents presented to you, uphold your oath and the Rights guaranteed to the American People, including the Browns, and use your authority to stop military attacks upon the Browns and other Americans for claiming their Rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Remember, this standard was adopted at Nuremburg: One does not have to obey an unlawful order, and in this country, that means an unconstitutional order, such as the one(s) upon which these military style forces are acting.

For your information, (and this is also to the congressmen, etc.) the Browns have stated that they will pay any tax for which they are lawfully liable, provided the govt produces the Constitutionally compliant, valid and existing law, specific to the Bill of Rights, which requires that payment. All this military nonsense is unnecessary. The only thing that is necessary is for the govt to produce that valid, existing law, as stated above, which the govt has refused to do. Therefore, it would appear that not only is the govt attacking the Browns with military force for claiming their Rights, but also, upholding "laws" that do not exist. This is not what America was designed to be and it is your direct responsibility as a public servant to intervene and support the Constitution and not act in opposition to it or allow the govt to do so, with Nazi style tactics directed at harming and intimidating the People for whom you work.

Mike, the only way that this nonsense is going to stop, at least lawfully, is for millions of American Citizens all over the country to get in touch with their own congressional delegations with either these documents, other documents, emails, letters, phone calls, etc. expressing their outrage at the govt's unlawful actions - shades of Ruby Ridge and Waco - and their support for their fellow Citizens, the Browns.

On another note, during the LA seminar, you mentioned that you would like to put together a seminar in the Fresno area. We sent you some information regarding how the local area coordinator of the seminar can promote and organize the seminar. Margy and I have taken the summer off, at least from seminar travels, as we need the rest and to catch up on work. We are starting again in September with a seminar in Eastern Oregon on the 15th and 16th. Let us know if you are serious about organizing one in your area. I (Margy) will resend the info to you, as I know how easy it is to miss or waylay something, when one gets many emails, as I am sure you do, Mike.

When you see or talk to Danny Romero, please give him our very best.

By the way, Mike, you asked us if would be willing to speak at some event in September. If you have gotten back to us by email, I have not seen, as our email accounts are chock full, at the moment, and it is nearly impossible for me to read everything that comes in. Can you please call us to discuss what, if anything, is going on with this situation? I don't recall your giving me a specific date or anything, so I hope our upcoming Oregon seminar does not conflict. Let me know. Thanks.

Best regards,

Jack and Margy


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