Sunday, July 29, 2007

Casey Lee Cobb's Report On July 29, 2007 12:22 pm

Status Report: SNAFU

Casey Lee Cobb | Show The Law | July 29, 2007 12:22 CDT

The threat level at the Brown’s has been reduced from Red alert to High Alert; daylight is now working for the side of justice and truth. As you all know in the early hours this morning our fellow patriot Danny Riley has been reporting for us all night long via a couple of honorable radio stations; “Truth Or Lies” and “We The People Radio Network” also I wanted to send a very special thank you to Torin Wolf from the ‘Wolf At Your Door’ for reporting on this all night long live with Danny Riley.

Here is a short recap of the evening events
At 20:35:46 PDT a distress signal was sent via email from Danny Riley, this message was sent to many patriots in the Infowar it reads as follows:

30 to 40 rounds fired behind the house noise heard in the woods everyone is at battle stations this is not a drill I repeat this is not a drill. Danny

Patriotic Americans responded to this message by contacting Danny via cell phone and putting him on air immediately and without hesitation. Major events and activities of the night include agent provocateurs, firing 30-40 rounds in the vicinity of the Browns, and physically shaking the trailer of one of Ed’s supporters in attempts to spur return fire to be used as an excuse for a use of force.

Local law enforcement TREASONASLY stood down similar to NORAD on 911; they repeatedly refused to acknowledge that they were the recipients of the hundreds of phone calls that were pouring in reporting the criminal activity being perpetrated at the Browns.

Situation is still on high alert, if you are a patriot in the Infowar, or a patriot of the organized, or unorganized militias of the 50 states of the union. I highly recommend that you man your posts vigilantly.

The status change from Red Alert to high alert merely means that we have no daylight time to spare. In several hours, we may possibly come face to face with the hired mercenaries that have been assigned the mission of assassinating this elderly couple in the tax honesty movement, who merely want government to respond lawfully, by showing them the law. Read more here.


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