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Browns' bash draws about 200

Sunday News Correspondent
Sunday, Jul. 15, 2007

PLAINFIELD – An estimated 200 people turned out for the "Live Free or Die Concert" at the Plainfield home of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown yesterday. As of early evening, police were calling it a peaceful gathering.

About 100 cars lined one side of the Browns' half-mile driveway by early afternoon. Helicopters circled overhead as new arrivals searched for parking.

At least four musical acts -- Poker Face, Blue Eyed Fools, Paperback Radio, Dave von Kliest and Matt Kazee -- were scheduled to perform at the party, which the Browns promoted on their Web site as featuring "food, drinks and fun."

Plainfield police regulating traffic at the top of the driveway said they would tow any vehicles parked on Center of Town Road.

Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens said a traffic counter he installed Friday on the gravel, dead-end road more than a mile from the Browns' property was stolen sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight.

►Brown standoff tense before concert
►Brown decides property taxes are not worth paying

"We're not happy with that deal, that they stole our counter -- or somebody did," Gillens said. Stealing the $1,500 piece of equipment amounts to a class A felony, he added.

Several of the Browns' supporters videotaped the chief and another officer as they finished installing the traffic counter Friday afternoon.

Brown and his supporters welcomed a New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News reporter into their home Friday, but yesterday turned away that same reporter, saying "mainstream media" were unwelcome and that only "alternative media" were allowed on the property.

The Browns continue to demand the federal government show them the law that makes them liable to pay federal income taxes; a law they say does not exist. They have vowed not to serve their five-year prison sentences, and to fight back with deadly force if federal agents try to apprehend them.

U.S. Marshal Steve Monier has said he's determined to resolve the impasse peacefully.

Yesterday, Monier said local police were updating him regularly about the activity at the Browns' house. He would not say whether the helicopters flying above the property contained federal agents.

"I'm not going to get into what kind of resources we have there," he said.

"We have taken steps to ensure that there are adequate resources available to Chief Gillens and his department to preserve public safety."

The live music and partying at the Browns' was scheduled to last until 10 p.m. last night, interspersed with speeches by Ruby Ridge survivor Randy Weaver and others.

The voices of readers:

The Browns are correct because there really is no law requiring us to pay taxes on our wages. As has already been mentioned this tax is actually a tax that only applies to income. Income is defined as income of a corporation, but is never associated with wages of an individual. The reason for this is that the government is not given the power in the constitution to tax peoples wages. Because the tax is not apportioned through the states by popluation it is therefore a tax that requires some concious action be taken that then required you to pay the tax. In this case that action would be signing a contract with the federal government(becoming a corporation). Additionally it must be something that you could choose not to do and therefore not pay the tax. Working for wages is not something you could choose not to do and still survive so therefore it cannot be taxed this way. THE 16TH AMENDMENT DOES NOT CHANGE THIS. We as tax payers are tricked into providing our SSN or "tax id number" to our employers who are tricked into thinking they are required to have us fill them out. When we fill in our SSN on that form what we are actually doing is basically agreeing that our wages are taxable
- CJ, Austin

Someone mentioned the Browns have been shown Title 26 USC. If you'd bother to READ this law, it is about the rates of taxation and refers to taxable income. Then it provides a definition of taxable income which says this is derived from gross income. Then gross income is not defined in this Title 26 USC anywhere. Now, if you investigate law and case presidence, the term INCOME is not the same as WAGES. INCOME is "profit" or NET GAINS, usually corporate or investment returns in nature. The difference between PROFIT and WAGES is that a worker does not profit from his labor...he is given fair compensation for his labor. Labor has been defined in our laws and case history as our private property which we exchange for monies. This is not INCOME. Additionally, Supreme Court of the USA has rules that 16th Amendment does not give any new powers of taxation. The Browns, like many, were forbidden to present this evidence and experts to show this in their case. Also realize that the idea that you cannot beat the IRS in court is a lie. In those cases where this defense is not *illegally* prevented, the defendant often wins against the IRS. Overall the defendants against the IRS tend to win about 50% of the time. If you are a patriot and believe in our Constitution, you will support the Browns AND Wesley Snipes!
- Ken, WA

Have any of you even read Title 26 of the US tax code or any of the tax code? Do any of you even know where the income tax that is collected is for? Search "Income tax" in google video. The first one you should see is "Theft by Deception: Deciphering the Federal Income Tax". This video is a logical and methodical break down of the US tax code as it pertains to the income tax. You are actually shown the Tax Code and all of its revisions over the last century. That should get you started. Saying Ed Brown is a free loader living off of our taxes is a misnomer. The money collected by the IRS that is our income tax is used to pay off only the debt incurred by the US govt. from borrowing money from the Federal reserve. Basically only interest is payed off. Before any of you start bashing these peaceful protesters how about doing some real research.
- Chris Adams, Indianapolis IN

For everyone here that thinks Ed. is breaking a law, let me remind you the Federal income Tax is a voluntary tax. No laws are broken by not paying it. Get your facts straight.
- Dan, Portland ME

The US Marshal is right to end this peacefully and I neither supoort or condem the Browns actions and wosh not to judge any person. If the govt wants to end this simply dig up the road with a backhoe in front of their driveway, it will stop alot of activity period. Jim
- jim mitchell, rockingham vt

Why have the media ignored United States Code, Title 28, Judiciary, Section 3002(15) which defines the "United States" as a municipal corporation? The United States District Court in Concord is a territorial tribunal created by congress and has only that jurisdiction that congress has delegated to it. Congress has limited this tribunal to "CIVIL JURISDICTION" only. Many observers have studied Title 28 with me and can find NO CRIMINAL JURISDICTION having been delegated by congressional Act to the Concord Tribunal. If anyone can produce such delegation of power, let them do so, for a the Browns have said, "show me the law". Logic and reason dictates that if there is no jurisdiction for the proceedings that have taken place, then Coram non Judice must prevail and dismissal for lack of jurisdiction is demanded. Attention all lawyers and Judges. Honor your OATHS.
- Dick Marple, 11 Dartmouth Street Hooksett

Ed has been shown the law, Title 26 USC, numerous times. Ed just believes he is not subject to it, as he claims he is a "free being" ruled only by "natural law" and answerable only to divine authority. Ed is also a welch, as he has not paid the reward he offered for showing him the law, which countless people did. The AG and US Marshalls are wasting taxpayer money at this point. The Browns have been convicted and sentenced. They should be taken into custody and begin serving their sentences.
- Len B, Monroe

I was at the Browns yesterday attending the concert. Their home is not 'fortresslike' as often described. It is a lovely house designed for the view the property offers. The grounds are like a park. Your reporter mentioned the helicopter(s). Think what you might about taxes, what can justify the expense of keeping a helicopter in the air for hours on end,much less buzzing half the citizens of Plainfield? Lloyd Danforth Keene
- Lloyd Danforth, Keene

It doesn't matter what law they show this freeloader - he has an excuse as to why it's not applicable. It's been shown to him numerous times. It's plain as day. He continues to insist on living off of the rest of us. It's not my problem if his wife is too ignorant to realize he had used her all these years...ignorance isn't a crime...he gets to run around in the woods and play army man with his buddies and she supports him. Her choice. The world is full of followers who crave brainwashing and he is bright enough to manipulate these simpletons who follow him. Again, not my problem. Basically, I am just bored with this - let's just drop one of those daisy cutters on the property with or without them present . Doesn't matter to me either way really - is my view the majority or minority in terms of the general populace? Pretty obvious. Tell them we're dropping a bomb and let them decide how to proceed. The daisy cutter is dropped via parachute so he'll have ample opportunity to run out in his yard and shoot at it since that's all he really wants to do anyway. Freeloader boys and their toys.......
- Bob, Plymouth

All of the questions asked here by others can be answered by doing your own research. One question was, "Why doesn't someone show them this law and end this whole thing?" My response is simply, what law is it someone should show them? To my knowledge, the Browns are offering 1 million dollars worth of property to anyone who can show them the law and they allegedly owe about $250,000 in taxes. Why would they do this, and put their lives on the line in the process, if there was a law? Show them the law and reap the reward. The government can't. Ask yourself why former IRS employees like Sherry Peel Jackson, Joe Banister and others have been unable to find the law. Find out what what the OMB Control Number at the top of a 1040 means. As difficult as it seems to be for many of us to believe, there is no law and the 16th Amendment gave no new powers of taxation to the government. If they didn't have the power to tax income from wages before, they don't have it now. Might wish to research where the money goes when you illegally pay income tax -- yes, i said illegally because if you sign a 1040 that you used to report income from wages as a citizen or resident alien working within the continental US, you are breaking the law. And please, if you are in the neighborhood, go and visit them. You'll be welcomed with open arms and you can ask all the questions you want. Best time is on weekdays in the mornings as they are very busy.
- Kerry Lahn, Plattsberg, NY

I applaud the state's effort for not making this into another Waco or Ruby Ridge. However, these people are rubbing the face of every tax paying, law abiding citizen - and definately making life for Plainfield residents unpleasant. Time to not let anyone in or out. Time to shut off the power and time to throw these nuts in jail
- Cojo, manchester

What a great party. Too bad you guys were not let in. We had a lot of fun. The music was pretty good. The weather was perfect. :)
- Russell Kanning, Keene

First I would like to say I am neither a supporter of the Browns or any other non law abiding citizen...But I believe that I read Mr Browns comment the other day stating that he would pay his back taxes if he were shown the law requiring it. Why doesn't someone show them this law and end this whole thing. I think that the longer it goes on the more people will climb aboard the wacky beliefs of the Browns....When they are shown the law let them pay up, if they dont go in and get them whatever it takes. If it turns to Waco or Ruby Ridge so be it We have laws and they need to be enforced. Not enforcing the law shows that it is ok to not follow them. How much medical care would the money the Browns owe pay for to treat a wounded soldier. A soldier that was wounded protecting their rights to defy our government.
- Steve Robbins, Woodsville

What a waste of taxpayer's money-federal and local. They have probably spent more money watching this guy than he owes the government. What a mockery. Are we using Homeland Security money for this-maybe the feds should spend more money looking for terrorists.
- stephen rowe, rochester

I cannot understand why, even after warrants have been issued, the US Marshals and the Plainfield Police are allowing people on the Browns property. I find it disheartening that the Browns are allowed to make a mockery of the Justice System that we all believe in, and that the US Marshals and the Plainfield Police are helping!!
- Catrina, Manchester

Why are people being allowed on the Brown's property in the first place? It seems to me a full blockade is what's needed if the Brown's are to surrender and end this foolish standoff.
- Jeff Long, Concord NH

Why does US Marshall Monier continue to sit back on his political butt and let the Browns make a mockery of the law? They are convicted felons, in complete defiance of federal law and the federal courts and Monier continues to insist that the matter will be settled peacefully. Apparently the US Marshall is a politician first and a Federal law enforcement officer, last, or not at all.
- Peter Riesenberg, Keene

all i have is one comment,the Browns must be onto something otherwise why has this law not been shown, why has this law not been spread all over the front pages of every local newspaper if it does indeed exist
- Thomas Naro, Merrimack

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