Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Trip To The Browns Recap by Art Pollock


Allen and myself went to New Hampshire to Ed and Elaine's Browns for the Concert put on by Dave Von Kleist of the Power Hour. Dave did a great job and his songs are so
fitting for the times we live in. Allen video tape the concert and will be
posting it soon. I would recommend everyone buy a copy of his Dave's cd's.

Ed and Elaine are the most beautiful people that you will ever meet. Their home is so much bigger than it appears on the net. Eliane is the lady we would all love to have as our mom. She is so sweet and down to earth. We went back Sunday morning to say good bye one more time and as luck would have it, everyone left to run errands, which would have left them all alone. No sooner did they leave when a small plane started circling their property. This just goes to show that the feds are keeping a close eye on them. I was told that Dave plans to do it again in a couple of weeks and hopefully
have a much larger crowd.

We had about 50 people there and the food was supplied by the Power Hour, so
I think we should call and let them know how much we appreciate what they
have done.

Hope to have you all on the conference call this Wednesday night to hear
Sherry Jackson tell her story.



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