Saturday, March 03, 2007

Regarding Chuck Conces

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Sent : Saturday, March 3, 2007 4:37 PM
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Subject : Chuck Concess visit to Tampa postponed

Hello everyone:

As most of you have heard by now Chuck is being held someplace in Michigan by the DOJ. For this reason only, Chuck's scheduled meeting with the Tampa Lawman Group is postponed until further notice. What an interesting meeting it will be when he is finally here!

The charges are contempt of court for not answering questions that he keeps telling the DOJ and Judge Quist he does not know. In the previous email, Bill Price gave us the reasons of this "contempt charge"

I just spoke with Rose Lear and Bill Price and Bill assures us that Chuck was fine when he last saw him, that Chuck was very relaxed and calm, and that he was in no way shocked or upset with the decision of the court. Chuck expected the court to do something like this.

Mary, Chuck's wife is fine. She is not in need of money at the present time. She is still trying to find Chuck's location and she has a lot of help.

Many in Michigan and across the country are working to get him freed, and it looks like Quist is just totally out of control according to Bill.

A blog is being set up to provide all of us information regarding Chucks whereabouts (even his wife currently does not know where they are holding him). As soon as we know we will forward this information to all of you. When we have the information, letters of support, I am sure, will be appreciated.

If you have met Chuck, you know he is standing firm for his beliefs. We can still be proud of his stand for the law and for what is ethically right.

As soon as we get the blog site, we will send out an email to let you know where to look for further information.

Stand firm!


blog site will be combination chuck conces, ed brown, tom cryer, aftf, wtp blog here......

Doug Kenline
Atlanta, Georgia


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