Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Granny Warriors Comment On NH Recount

Frozen out by Paypal

On January 16th, 2008 Granny Warrior says:

We had sent the money to the former attorney General in NH who was standing in the bank waiting for confirmation of the payment being on the way which it was. The money was removed from our account and by our thinking it was a done deal. a hour later we got a call that our chipin was not working. we checked and found the paypal account was locked. We have spent 5 hours providing all manner of verification to them about the account which is over 10 yrs old with never a flag on it. We had to stop at a centura bank in Alabama and get them to fax our statement to the paypal people proving I owned that account.? then they wanted more. then they said the social security number was associated with another account? That being mine, the same account as we had been advised to change my name on the account from my former name to my married name. We did and that sent every thing into a tizzy again. After hours and minutes on the phone all on over time ( cell phone) we managed to get confirmation that once the faxes had been received the account would be opened again.
The faxes were sent and there was something missing? we had to find another bank and get the entire copy of the last statement and send that in with the address etc on it. what a mess and nothing you told those people made a impression. Seems like someone had sent in a donation sortly after we notified everyone that the money had been raised and also tagged the donation with a suspicious transaction tag. below is the donation. I have a strong feeling we have been had.

Inquiry by PayPal - Case ID: PP-403-499-846
Status: Waiting For Seller's Response
Transaction ID: 00S01027UD303372F
Buyer Name & Email: Jerjis Alajaji,
Transaction Amount: $1,000.00 USD
Transaction Date: Jan. 15, 2008

I am hoping that with people calling nicely to the Sec of State he will bend and accept the funding.

What made it worse is Bev Haris and L. Landis and a couple of other women asked to be allowed to attend the first meeting between Albert and the Sec Of State and were allowed. They came in with a chip on their shoulder trying to force more than a vote count which was what we asked for. they totally ticked the Sec. Of State off and pushed him in a corner.

Albert said after the meeting he hugged the man and asked him to please not hold a grudge but evidently it didn't work. He then demanded the funds before 3 PM today. We had them there but they were stopped by the investigation of the donations. Now we are hoping with nice phone calls from people tomorrow he will relent and allow the count to go forward and accept the funds. Keep your fingers crossed.

We thank Bob for offering to pay for the recount and wish he had made that offer sooner. We may have been saved this mess. We will all have to be very careful in the future when meeting with the officials and learn to use some tact with them. Bev and Landis made it very difficult for us to proceed.

Granny Warrior

Editor's Note:
Click here to find out more about Jerjis Alajaji, the mysterious $1000 donation that was "flagged" by PalPal and which could have caused them to "freeze" the Granny Warrior's account.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pictures Of ELaine's Prison In CT

Editor's Note: this is NOT Elaine's picture with Ed in prison - I just wanted visitors to have a good image to remember them by as you read Keith's message - see below.
Keith Champagne wrote:

i went to see elaine yesterday for the first time since her incarceration. i live about 2 1/2 hours from the danbury fci. i am happy to report that elaine is doing good! she has met a few friends inside and they are all working together to try to secure their releases. as women get out they are continuing to help the rest still inside.

she has also become very popular in her tier because of all the books we her supporters have been sending her. even books she doesnt read. she shares them with fellow inmates and those few books have earned her quite a bit of respect inside! she tells us she has to keep track of who
borrows what by writing it down. she has become the lending library of her tier so to speak. besides the loss of freedom she tells me that its not too bad inside, she did note that it seemed everyone was "lesbian" she said they called it "gay for the stay" and woman ask her in shock "you dont have a girlfriend?" it is the only time i have ever seen elaine flustered! she said when she fist got there there were a couple of guards that made comments
like "i bet you wish you paid your taxes now huh" but once she got inside it was the inmates who recognized her as the lady on t.v.! she is lonely... she wants letters she tells us they are like gold to her. she loves hearing from people and more and more people are
writing now.
she said she is responding to all letters she recives, she also told me she received the package i sent her of the 60 or so fair trial protest photos, she said i have no idea how much they meant to her! to know that people out here still care! and to the penn. ron paul meetup guys and gals that helped with that,
thank you so much! she singled out your photo as really impressing her! "bearing arms for freedom" so to speak! photos with guns arent supposed to get through but all of yours did maybe because of the quantity of them and a lazy prison employee i dont know but thanks again. and to everyone else, please help us if you can by sending us your photos we need them for the start of the freedom four trial on 1/28. we need to represent as many people as possible at
their trial. the first ever photo protest!

elaine wants everyone to know she is doing ok and she appreciates all the support and letters she has been getting. she feels she has done her part and now it is up to us to continue. she knows that if her and ed hadnt done what they did there would be thousands less people that were awakened to the tyranny in our government.

on a side note if there are any browns supporters/ patriots in connecticut willing to visit with elaine please let me know and we will help you get on her list. she really would like to have visits from people to stay sane. someone to talk to about everyday things....regular friends. if anyone is willing to provide elaine with a shoulder please get in touch with us. thanks!

keith champagne